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    My Ten Voices. (1388)

    Discussion in '10th Anniversary Contest' started by thatoneauthor, Jun 25, 2016.

    There’s Larry, Michael, Jack, Tim, Kyle, Cory, Jenna, Rick, Courtney, and… Well. I don’t really like the last one. He makes me do things. Things I’m not proud of.

    I sat next to the toilet. The pills I was supposed to take, Tim made me flush them. Cory doesn’t like what Tim did, so he forces me to pray to god for sinning. Cory always prays. Always. Always. When I get hungry Jack is the one who makes me eat nothing but vegetables. He claims they’re good for me even though Rick absolutely hates them and thinks they should all burn.

    After finishing praying, I lay down on my bed and say hello to Michael. I like him. I only get to see him when I don’t take the pills. He makes me laugh. Michael always likes to whisper to me. But this time, he didn’t seem so happy.

    “Why didn’t you take the pills?” He whispers on my right side.

    “You must pray.” Cory says.

    “Tim made me do it.” I respond.

    “They’re bad for you. The doctors are trying to hurt you.” Tim says.

    “Why didn’t you take the pills?”

    “You have sinned. You must pray.”

    “You will bring HIM out.” Michael starts whimpering.

    “Eat your vegetables. Eat your vegetables. Eat your vegetables. Eat your vegetables. Eat your vegetables.”

    I start to get agitated so I get out of bed and walk to my living room. Then Jenna took over. Making me walk in circles. She always walks in circles when I get stressed out. It helps calm everyone down. Especially Him…

    Jenna finally went away after two hours.

    My legs had cramped up. That’s when Courtney made me drink a lot of water. The only time I ever get to see her. She was my favorite. Even though she would never say a single word. All Courtney ever did for me is clench my thirst, but I know she’s always there for me.

    After drinking two glasses full, Jack opens the fridge to grab and microwave some frozen broccoli. Rick starts to complain, but I was on Jack’s side today. My tummy had been growling all afternoon.

    “Pray before you eat.”

    “I hate pills.” Tim says.

    “You must pray for your sins.”

    “Eat the vegetables. Eat the vegetables. Eat. The. Vegetables.”

    I say a quick prayer for swearing, and thank god for my food. Cory seems happy about that, and Jack was happy that I ate the vegetables. Always, after eating, Kyle comes. Usually he tells me on how much of a good boy I am for cleaning my plate. Sometimes Kyle makes me puke everything up because Rick said he would hurt Kyle for eating vegetables. Today was not that day.

    I want to lay down, but I don’t want to talk to Michael. He’s scared about Him coming out. Even though I knew everything was OK until Larry comes out. Cause once Larry comes out, he makes Him come out. And he makes me do things. Do things I’m not proud of.

    Time passes by. Evening. Everyone feels good not taking the pill. We feel alive and free.

    Jenna decides to walk to the local grocery store. Jack wants to pick up more vegetables.

    Exiting the house. Crossing a small street. Larry sees a woman.

    Everyone else tunes out except for Larry. He takes full control. Larry watches the woman. She’s holding her purse looking for her car keys. I head back into the house, grabbing something Larry forces me to grab.

    “I don’t want to do this, Larry.”

    “Fucking do it. Now.”

    “Larry please. I didn’t take the pill so you could come out.”

    “I don’t care.”

    I approach the woman. She smiles, still looking for her keys. Larry looks around. The ghost is clear.


    “Hello! How can I help you?”

    Larry reaches in my back pocket. I try to stop him.

    “I want to fuck you until you die.”

    “Excuse me?”

    The woman’s smile dwindled away. She drops her keys, and quickly retrieves them. Larry likes that.

    “I have to go now.” She fusses, trying to unlock her car.

    “You’re not going anywhere. Larry told me.”

    “Larry? Who’s Larry?”

    “Larry. He’s… I’m… I’m Larry.”

    Larry lashes out, and smothers her face with a towel. A few seconds in, her eyes roll back and she collapses onto the floor. I quickly drag her across the street and into my home. Larry places her on top of the bed. Something moves through me. Larry leaves and something dark takes his place.

    “Closet. Now.”

    I hesitate.

    “I said go in the fucking closet.”

    I open it up. My hands shaking. Inside there was rope. Duct tape. And lots and lots of other bad things.

    “Tie her up.”

    My throat burns.

    “I don’t wanna tie her up.”

    “I’m not gonna ask you again.”

    “I’m not doing it! No! I hate you!”

    Suddenly, I’m running into the kitchen. I grab and knife and slice my wrist. The pain stings, but it wasn’t anything new to me. Blood pours.

    “Tie her up before I kill you.”

    “You don’t scare me.”

    I slice myself again. Down to the bone. Blood rushes out like a river. The pain unbearable.

    “Do it.”

    “Please. Stop.”

    Another slice.

    “Ok. Ok. I’ll do it.”

    I patch it up and head back into the bedroom. She lay there. Breathing. I tie her wrists and ankles to the frame. Then I wrap duct tape around her mouth.

    “Take the whore’s clothes off.”

    I hesitate.

    “Do it. Now.”

    I strip her down. Fully naked. Bare. Exposed.

    “You are sinning you must pray.”

    “Shut the fuck up, Cory.”

    “I told you this would happen.” Michael whispers.

    “Grab the box.”

    “I told you this would happen.”

    “You must pray.”

    “I told you this would happen.”

    “I said grab the fucking box.”

    Inside the box. Rusty knives. Used surgical tubing. Pliers. Brass knuckles. Spikes. Butane torches. Wire. Fishing line. Bad memories. Bad bad memories. No… No. He’s making me do bad things again. I should’ve taken the pills. I should’ve taken the pills.

    “Grab the fishing line. Tighten it around her fingers and toes.”

    “I don’t want to.”

    “I told you this would happen.”

    “You must prey.”

    “I said. Do it.”

    I did, until they were purple. I start crying.

    “Wake her up.”

    I slap her. Her eyes flash open. She tries to scream, but can’t. I put my finger over her mouth.

    “I’m sorry. He’s making me.”

    I pull out a thick heavy duty pair of scissors and start with her pinkie. She passes out from the pain.

    “Wake her again.”

    I smack her. She wakes.

    “She’s ready.”


    “Rape this whore.”


    I grab a rusty knife from the closet, unravel my bandages, and place the knife on the open wound.

    “Fuck her. Now.”

    I begin mounting her. She screams and shakes her head. The pills. I should’ve taken them.

    “Do it.”


    I slice myself. Unimaginable agony. Red pools out.

    He cuts me again. Then slashes her.

    “You must pray for your sins.”

    “I knew this would happen.”

    Then someone else takes over. Dropped the knife.

    “What the fuck is happening?”

    I untie her. And rip the tape off her face. She doesn’t scream.

    “What are you doing? Kill her. Kill the bitch.”

    “It’s okay. I’m here.”

    The first time I hear her voice, I know exactly who it is.

    “Kill her. Kill her. Kill her. Kill her. Kill her. Kill her. Kill her.”

    “Don’t listen to him. I’m here.”

    My vision blurs. I head to the fridge for water. Tumbling and falling onto the floor.

    “Courtney. I knew it was you.”

    “He can’t hurt us now.”

    I drink water, and pray for my sins.

    “You’re doing the right thing.” He whispers.

    “Kill her now, damn it!”

    My heart beat slows down. My vision darkens. I take my last sip of water.

    “I’m here. I’m here.”

    Everything fades to black. Cory is happy. Tim is sorry for sinning. Rick is okay with Jack eating vegetables. Jenna is tired of walking. Michael is whispering a joke into my ear. Kyle tells me I’m a good boy. Courtney is watching over me like an angel. Larry is nowhere to be found. And Bill will never be able to make me do bad things again.
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