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    My theoretically motivational journal

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by That one person, Oct 11, 2016.

    Yes! Motivation, enthusiasm, determination, all the things that I lack severely in!
    I'm working on my 4th attempt at writing something, and I actually feel like I'm going to finish this one. There's just something different about it, though I say this about every project I start. And every project I started, I dropped 5,000 words in. The last one I tried, I gave up on it 21,000 words in. I just completely lost all motivation to continue the story, and I just tossed away and never looked back to it.
    I'm hoping that by joining a writing forum - which I've never done before - and by keeping track of my progress, that maybe I'll be able to convince myself to finish something.

    Now, enough about my first-world tragedies and onto the book.
    As of the time I'm typing this thread out, I have 15,673 words crammed into my first rough draft. This is pretty much the second farthest I've ever gotten, so it's progress for me, at least. I've got the outline and the events all written out, and now it's just time to fill it all in. I've gone through two out of the nineteen major points of the story so far, so I still have a long long ways to go.
    • My goal is to get at least halfway through by the end of this year, even if that means typing my weekends away.
    • If I can get that far, then I can definitely finish my rough draft within the next couple of years.
    • From that point on, I'll clean up the draft and fill in those pesky plotholes.
    • After that, maybe I'll get some people to read it and tell me how horrid it is, and I'll edit it accordingly.
    • Maybe, just maybe, once I've finished the final copy, I'll start thinking about publication. *gasp*
    Off to go type the hours of the day away!~

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