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    Necessary Evils

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Reege, Sep 19, 2016.

    I'm trying to come up with a few ideas to choose from for a storyline, but I am struggling for options.

    What are some crimes that a person might commit for a good reason?

    For example:
    Someone kills a person attacking their friend. They've taken a person's life but for a justifiable purpose.
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    I think it's less of specific "justifiable crimes" and more how a lot of crimes contextually can be justified.

    Was it an act of protection or preservation (for the individual or others)? Was it to meet the essentials of survival: food, water, shelter? Did it prevent or redirect an attack that could cause physical or psychological harm?

    Arsen may be justified if he burnt down a bureaucrats office that filed material used for leverage or blackmail of good members of the city into cooperation they did not want to give

    Shooting up a mob den could be a preemptive strike when there's word that said gang is intended to teach your family or someone's a lesson by annihilating them

    You can shatter a store window to call attention off a minority the cops are harassing or assaulting

    Stealing food to eat or harboring a fugitive that is on the brink

    The crimes specifically aren't "justifiable" but contextually you can make wrong actions be for the right reasons
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    A crime of passion may be a reason and gives the reader the added lust/love element which is popular

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