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    Need advice for a Doctor Who Fanfic I'm writing

    Discussion in 'Setting Development' started by TheDarkWriter, May 16, 2013.

    Okay here it goes I'm writing a fanfiction based on Doctor Who the idea is that it's about another time lord similar to the Doctor who is a survivor of the Last Great Time War. The main character is called The Professor and the main villain is The Cyber Emperor. Now The Cyber Emperor is not just a cyber-man but he is also a former companion and good friend of the Professor who was converted into a cyber-man and consequently became the new ruler of the Cyber-men.
    Now before I go any further i need to explain theyre history The Professor had a choice he could kill the Cyber Emperor or trap him and his army of cyber-men on a colonized human world (there was nothing he could have done to save the remaining humans) but the Professor couldn't kill The Cyber Emporer because despite what his friend had become The Professor still cared about him. So he created a force field to trap the Cyber-men on the planet which would later become known as Cybertron planet of the Cyber-men. The force field also keeps the planet from being detected and makes any ship going near it think it's a black hole.

    I just can't figure out how the Doctor would view such a character would he tell him he was a fool for not destroying the Cyber Emporer or would he not be so judgmental? I'm also having trouble with The Cyber Emperor how should he be written I want their relationship to have an influence on the two I was thinking of having The Cyber Emperor posses some of his emotions but for it to be subtle.

    An idea I have is that The Cyber Emporer maintains a few of his emotions but they are mostly negative, vindictive and aimed at the Professor who promised he'd never let him become a Cyber-man and would kill him if he did. I just worry that's not a very Cyber-man personality however I want to set him apart from the rest of the Cyber-men. What is some advice you can give me?
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    I'm a pretty big fan of Doctor Who, so let me give my input :) I really like the idea, and I think that he's different, but not to different. I don't think you have anything to worry about in that aspect. I know that that may not seem helpful, but I think your fine. The best way to set a cyber-man apart is for him to have emotions. He could get emotions slowly, as in, at first he is normal but gradually begins to regain some human emotions. Not sure if there is another way to make him more human and it sounds fine for a cyber-man personality. Hope that helps maybe!! Also, the Doctor would, at first, probably be very angry and destroy the Cyber Emporer. Unless of course, he is traveling with a companion at the time. From what I've seen on the show (and I have seen EVERY episode from s5 to the latest s7) that would be his course of action. With a companion, he would be more forgiving. :)
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    I suspect that the Doctor would not be impressed with the Professor keeping the Cyber Emporer alive. Dr Who - esp the more recent stuff portrays a character who will make tough choices and who I think would feel that it was unkind to keep a friend alive as a cyberman. He allowed dalek Clara to be destroyed in series 7 in spite of having developed a relationship with her.

    Have you read Warm Bodies? I wonder if there may be some stuff in there that might help out. It goes very much against the standard of zombies having no emotions and no awareness and handles it quite well. I wonder if it might be helpful to you in trying to do something similar with the cyber men?


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