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    Need help to start of my new zombie storyline.

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by EchoingStorm, May 9, 2013.

    I love making episodic stories by writing their plots ONLY in a sort of continuous-no-going-back-to-edit way. I dont know why. Im think Im too lazy to write and just want to write their plots in a sort of a game way.

    I'm on season three now, and I don't know how to begin. Here's the story thought I wotn get to detail to how some things happened:

    The season finale of season 2 was about the war in the outside of a bunker located in a forest. News leaked that there was a bunker in Newleans (fictional place), so many people headed to the bunker, which was heavily guarded by the government. A war started on the gates when inevitably, zombies started attacking. Katheryn Beige (head of the bunker) ordered to help those people out there in spite of the president's orders not to. He went of and let his assistant in charge.

    Later, Katheryn sees a comatosed boy (Rey), who was the son of the main character in season 1. He tried to jump off a building but ended up in a coma. The guardian of Rey, Lara, just died, so Katheryn decided to handle Rey in spite of all the commotion. When Katheryn goes back to the bunker, he meets up with a group of bandits who manages to get in. Simon (leader and one of the season 2 main characters) shoots her down and takes Rey. You see, Lara and Rey were with the bandits. When Simon ordered everyone to join the war in the bunker gates, Simon let Lara stay with Rey.

    Now the bandits manage to go down to the bunker since every soldiers on guard was now fighting for the bunker. The commotion up the ground later was subdued. People tried to plead for them to get in via a camera. Simon just shot the monitor down at the bunker so they won't see them. Later on, four nuclear bombs were dropped on the country. But before that, helicopters came just in time to rescue the survivors and the just-shot Katheryn.

    Now, I've planned on making that the bunker was actually an experimental site for the cure, so zombies were actually inside the bunker. However, that would be in the deeper part of the bunker. So obviously, im gonna make the zombies escape the lab and attack the group on the bunker and the government tries to help them since the cure might or might not have been already formulated inside the bunker (as shown by security videos).

    Bunker group:
    1.) Simon Phils (bandit leader with a problem on keeping his morality)
    2.) Melody Newman (friend of Penelope Burmine and looked up to Lara who was the only woman who could have brought Simon back to his humanity)
    3.) Bea Martinez (leader of the group that Penelope was with. She manage to get in with Simon but is now mad to Simon for not letting Penelope and the other survivors in)
    4.) Alex Waters (male and is member of Bea's group)
    5.) 2 bandit members
    6.) Rey Burmine (comatosed teenager)

    Capitol group:
    1.) Katheryn Beige (who is now being reprimanded by the government for her actions)
    2.) Other officials
    3.) President
    4.) Penelope Burmine (older sister of Rey)
    5.) Kate Argent (survivor-friend of Penelope and was slightly scratched by a zombie on the bunker war)
    6.) Other survivors

    Universal setting:
    The country is mostly destroyed due to the bombs.

    I want to end season 3 with the group having to need to inject the only cure to a still comatosed Rey though I dont know why my characters would resort to this. I welcome new major/ minor characters, preferably MALE if major, i have too many female major characters right now. I would also like if the government falls. Pls keep the following characters alive: Simon, Melody, Penelope, Katheryn, and Rey as I want these characters to get deeper as I had killed the characters with the most character development too early.

    Many thanks!

    ps: character idea inspired from The Road. An old man and his loyal mid 20's son. I dont know how to get them to the storyline. But I plan on keeping one of them as major character, preferably the old man since i already have 3 young characters on the major character list.
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