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    Need some feedback.

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by kbcoder, Jan 5, 2017.

    Hello all,

    I have an idea which I have been working on for some time, but a crucial element to its success is whether or not writers would have any interest in something like this. This isn't a recruitment post, I'm just need some feedback before I go down a long path that is really just wasting my time. I don't expect everyone to find the idea appealing to them, so just tell me what you think. I don't know how else to gleam some insight in this area besides posting on a forum, so I apologize if this isn't allowed and please feel free to delete the post. I would however appreciate it if you sent me an pm giving me ideas on how I could go about gathering the information. :)

    I'm not going to give you a long history, but rather a quick description of the idea and then if you have any further questions in order to gain more understanding, I will gladly respond.

    So here goes..

    I have an RPG Card playing game I have been working on for some time, but in order for it to be a success I will have to have writers interested in the concept. The players (of course) and interested writers to provide a key component to the players.

    The Players: They sit around a table, read a 'choose your own adventure' style of story/quest/adventure, make choices and resolved any combat or skill checks to try and work their way through the adventure to survive the quest.

    The Writers: This is pretty much why I am here asking this question. Those adventures need to be written.

    I'm going to answer a few questions that you might have.

    How do the writers write the adventure?

    I have an application which I wrote which allows you to create an adventure scene by scene, it allows for giving choices (as in 'choosing your own adventure'), it allows for variables to be established and new content being shown based on variables. For example: Say the players pick and eat the apple, within the editor you can define a variable say AppleAte = true and use that variable to later provide context to the player dependent on that variables value.

    How do the players use the adventure?

    There will be a website (dedicated to the game) which will allow a writer to upload and manage their adventures. Players then could see all the submitted adventures, select a genre, find one that fits in their time schedule, look at reviews, and of course play.

    How do writers get compensated?

    This question is probably best asked to the writers because simply I don't know enough about writers to know their interests and what they expect. That's why I am here. I'm doing this as a hobby with the, perhaps delusional, hopes that I can provide RPG players with a strategy based tabletop Pen and Paper experience with loads of available content and to provide known/unknown authors another avenue to show off their inspiration and creativity.

    I hope you made it down this far in the post, but I will stop here. Your thoughts or questions?

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    I can't offer any advice, but this sounds really fun and interesting. I hope you get it somewhere.
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    Well, it sounds a lot like writing a Dungeons & Dragons adventure, with perhaps different rules. Since you say it's also a card game, it would be similar to something like the CCG Dragon Storm. I haven't played that in ages so forgot most of it but I think you draw cards to determine the story and what happens to your party, with a general story provided by the DM. Maybe you can look at it to get some inspiration.

    Conceivably, you could have the program replace dice rolls. The player taking the action could select a choice from the menu and the story will shift accordingly. The challenge you have to address is the group storytelling dynamic. According to veteran DM's of roleplaying, what makes roleplaying fun is usually the spontaneity and creativity of the players. In other words, the players will come up with something totally not thought of by the DM beforehand, but would make perfect sense. This is something that a program, which only allows limited choices, cannot address.

    The surefire way is to just pay the writers directly for their work. It'll be hard to get anyone to sign up for a profit-sharing plan unless you're a brand name (like Wizards of the Coast for example). You can probably do a Kickstarter to raise the funds.
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    This sounds like something I might be interested in if the price was right and if I knew for sure I'd get paid. Short of that? You might want to make friends with some writers and see if they want to take part in this as a sort of hobby, with the possibility of it turning into a money-making venture. But then you'd need some clear contracts delineating how the profits would be shared.
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