Need some opinions about a fighting stance description.

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    Nah. I'm sure about my knowledge upon the weapon and it's use. In my case it's not attached to the arm, it's attached to the sleeve. You don't need to have long arms. Look at the pic of the guy wielding them. They are short. Loose sleeves were commonly used as a hiding place because they are faster to get drawn from there (than from the boot for example). I don't see a danger to it. (My guy is a pro. :p) They had their blades costume made in order to fit their style of combat and their size. Assassins created all sorts of trick mechanisms to help them with their tasks. A person carrying a pair of butterfly swords, might have had different scabbards used upon different occasions. (I've done my research in depth).

    They are as defensive as they are offensive, used for fast and agile attacks. (That's why I see them fit for my assassin). There are many different kind of weapons I'm going to use in this story though. The weapon is adaptable to the situation.

    I am going with the more pointed one indeed. ;)

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