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    (Neep Input) Every Chapter Has It's Own mini Story

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by WrestlingFan101, Feb 2, 2017.

    Premise: My story follows the trials and tribulations of 18 year old Joshua as he begins college in a new town.

    Chapter 1: Detention
    Josh sets up in his dorm and makes friend with his roommate who happens to be the captain of the school basketball team. He convinces Josh to tryout since itll be a way for Josh to make friends faster and to become more active. Josh try's out but gets into a fist fight with one of the basketball players. The fight causes Josh not to get picked up by the coach despite the captain taking up for him. Josh gets revenge on the boy by breaking into his dorm and spray painting "Bitch" all over his walls, Josh gets caught in the act and get detention for a week.

    Chapter 2:Disaster Date
    Josh attends his english course class and quickly makes friends with a girl name Ashley who compliments him on ruining the basketball player dorm. She's happy about that because the boy always made fun of her weight and other fat kids weight. Ashley helps get Josh a position at her job in which he meets a girl name Brittney and becomes attracted to her. Josh, being the confident guy he is, bluntly ask Brittney out on a lunch date in which she accepts. Josh meets up with Brittney for the lunch date but she shows up with her boyfriend and her boyfriend beats up Josh and ruins the whole lunch date Josh set up.

    Chapter 3:Teacher's Pet
    Josh attends his math course class and sees Brittney and her boyfriend sitting together laughing at him as he walked in. Throughout the lesson Josh had a hard time understanding several math problems which leads his math course professor Ms. Smith to speak to Josh after class about enrolling into her night class tutor session. Josh accepts and when he shows up he realizes its only him and Ms. Smith there. Throughout the tutor lesson Ms. Smith comes onto Josh and Josh accepts the bait and has sex with her, leading her to change his grades from "F's" to "A's"

    As you see each chapter will have its own mini story but i will have the continuation of that mini story play out in further chapters.

    i know there are no rules in writing but for some odd reason i have the feeling im doing something wrong.

    I just want to know Is it okay to tell my character, Josh, college life story using this method?
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    They have detention in college? I think he'd be expelled for spray painting "bitch" across somebody's dorm room. Never mind getting into a fight every other day.
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    When I was in college no one gave a shit if you got into a fight most nights (which was just as well really) - you'd have been in the shit for vanadlising a room though - you might not be kicked out but you'd definitely have to pay for it not just do a bit of detention - plus you'd probably have been kicked out of residences and had to find your own place to stay

    ( i speak from experience of kicking in this guys door while i was drunk one night - £150 for the damage reinstatement and a final warning for disorderly conduct in halls)

    I strongly suspect that bedding the lecturers would be a big no no as well - but i never put that one to the test

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