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    Never Have I Ever: Character Edition

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by rktho, Dec 8, 2018.

    Never have I ever killed someone.

    Well, my character Zarakharn has! He’s killed lots of people. He’s a dark wizard, it’s par for the course really.

    Respond to the prompt above with the name of a character who has done a certain thing and some details about the circumstances of the thing. (The more often the thing has been done by this character, the less specific the description need be.) Afterward, suggest another prompt.

    Never have I ever been accused of being a creep.
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    Boneless chicken ranch
    "Well, if you think it's creepy for The President to make wearing clothing illegal - not that anyone would dare let anything touch their toxic skin - yeah, it is, but so is just watchin em catch fire when they do. I guess there isn't much left of this world that isn't creepy." - Truman Jefferson Baker, last President of The United States, current Tyrant of The Unified State.

    Never Have I ever done anything treasonous.
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    Jade- I've never committed treason the actual crime, but I have betrayed a major social and political group I belonged to. To be fair to me, I wasn't entirely myself when I joined in the first place, and I mostly just ran away, so not so much of betrayal then. They're also dicks who basically ruined my life, so they deserved it.

    Never have I ever moved overseas.

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