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    Jan 23, 2012
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    Never posted on a writing forum. Although...

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Rodrian, Jan 23, 2012.

    Hellos wonderful people of this site!

    My name is Rodrian Stone (it be not me real name). I am new to posting on a writers forum, although, I am not new to RP forums :)

    I've been writing since i was 7, but as i have no formal training in writing, i don't think i am very good (I am not trying to be modest i promise). I'm not looking to be a famous writer, but it would be nice to have an agent someday in the not too distant future and make 500 for a 100,000 word novel (yeah even 500 dollars would make me feel like I've done something! wh00t!). I'm one of those hopeless types who dreams that even after i die, something of mine will make it onto paper and be read by a few people who will think it's decent. And i'm also one of those hopeless types on the flip side, who go into barnes and nobles, look on amazon and think *dear god i won't ever get published because there is already so much out there that is awesome. Why would anyone ever publish me?*

    So I've come here to burst out of my thin skin, in order to build a thicker one and ready myself for the task of sending works out into the world of the scary sea of books, papers, and the interweb of ebooks.

    Is there a really good place to start on these boards for a newbie like me? Where i won't say something idiotic to the pros and be scared away like a roach when the lights get turned on?

    thanks! and here's too learning more about the craft and art of writing. :D
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    Welcome to Writing Forums, Rodrian!

    I hope you find what you're looking for here, whatever your interests in writing.

    This forum aims to provide the best workshopping resources on the internet, and to that end we have a few rules which you should familiarise yourself with before you get stuck in. The main section of the site is the Writing Workshop, where members can post their writing in order to receive critique of their work.

    However, before we allow members to post their work, they must have met some basic requirments. Firstly, you must have been a member for fourteen days, and have made twenty posts on the forum overall (please note, posts in Word Games do not count towards this). This is so that members, when they post their work, have familiarised themselves with the forums and contributed to them (as well as hopefully learned something for themselves). Secondly, members must provide two constructive reviews of other people's work for each piece of their own that they wish to post. This is because we believe that the focus of workshopping should be equally upon giving reviews as receiving them, as they allow a writer to practice and improve their editing skills, which they can then apply to their own writing.

    Beyond the Writing Workshop, you will find that we have extensive forums for discussion of aspects of writing, as well as a community area for general discussion. We also run periodic short story and poetry contests, which are good for challenging yourself and expanding your skills.

    If you have any questions or problems, then the moderators (myself and Cogito) should be your first port of call. Any technical problems with the site itself should be directed to Daniel, the site administrator and owner. I would recommend you have a look over the rules so that you know what to expect, and what is expected. But aside from that, I hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Hi! Welcome to the forums :)

    There's no need to underestimate your skills. This forum will certainly help improve your writing, I wish you good luck in the future and have fun!


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