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    Never Settling for Second Best..

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Leishua, May 30, 2018.

    Perhaps, this is true. I've possibly just learned the greatest lesson in my life watching a madonna music video (Express Yourself). Anyone else feels that when we want to do something new but we feel like we are in adequate and we should try something simple first?

    Than after practising small we lose touch of what we wanted or we become afraid to fail our dreams and our passion. I've been looking at some successful people in the creative industry, Monty Oum (3d animation), jk rowling (author), Ed Boon (Video games), George Lucas (films) and i discovered something.

    They started doing what they wanted to do at the start of their career. They got a lot of flack for it but you can't deny they have become master storytellers in their own right. It brings me to feel and come to the conclusion that starting small =/= starting right and starting safe =/= future opportunities.

    I'm a gambler, i make my full time living playing the odds and i watched somethings i knew i could have won but i walked away because i didn't trust myself, because i didn't feel good enough. There is a technique to gambling depending on what you play and if you know the rules and the crooks, you can get your way or you can pass for scraps.

    I've learned that sometimes in life opportunity comes or for the first time in your life you have never felt so inspired to do something and if you turn your back sometimes it just never happens again. And for that, instead of starting small or starting safe we should be starting right. If we are embarking on a huge novel series, to educate ourselves about long running franchises such as Artemis Fowl, Lord of the Rings etc. Educating ourselves smaller, can slow our perceptions down and lead us to thinking we aren't ready and sometimes it ends up with us never being ready.

    We should never settle for less than what we want. Our lives are short, what we want we should get. And what we get we must care for and grow it in an informed manner. Find partners and people who care for the same that can help that project reach what it was meant to be. Thats all i have to say, i've learned so much recently and sometimes i wish i could turn back time and shave those 10 years i spent starting small.

    Now at this stage of my life i realized what i needed to learn was not how to win small but how to win big. What i learned a decade ago, none of it built the foundation of what i am today. My gambits have grown bigger observing big players, crooks, syndicates in the casino and stock market and unregulated exchanges something the textbook or the internet can never teach.

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