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    New and prone to procrastination

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Kyzy, Jun 3, 2016.

    Greetings! I'm a writer from the UK looking to finally find the will to publish her own book. The problem is; I would have to write that book first. ;) I'm very good at making a million ideas... not so good at the execution of said ideas (in short, I am lazy!) and thought that joining a writing community would help me finally reach my dream of being an author.

    My novel is a huge WIP that is all universe at the moment. Long ago during the witch trials the familiars of said women, the black cats, were abandoned in a special forest for their own protection. Said forest (used by the witches in practice) became a natural bastion in a world of dying magic, drawing in all kinds of magical species from all over the world. But as the creatures became more stronger, talented and greedy, the forest they had come to know as home began to die; for Mother Nature had her own plans in mind for those that would defy her laws so easily and tarnish her world so readily.
    (Art is mine.)
    Its nice to meet you! :)
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    Funny, both of the WIPs I am working on take place in the universe, but are cluttered by characters. Damn people cluttering up the universe. :supergrin:

    Welcome, here you will find plenty of both insight and insanity. (And a pirate if you can find em.):supergrin:

    And this is for you, although it only comes in white:
    TakeThis.jpg Though that just means it is pure evil in a tiny package.:superlaugh:

    Well have fun and good luck, and C-ya around.:supersmile:
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    Welcome to WF.org, your new home in the interwebz (I hope!) :D

    Your story premise sounds really cool, and I like the picture. So let's get the hardest part started then, why don't we? Step one: Open Word/Pages/Open Office/Scrivener. Step Two: Write. It sounds easy, but... I know it isn't. :ohno:

    But we're here to support you on your journey. So dive right in and get inspired. :)

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    I was going to answer your question right away, but I never got around to it...

    If getting the words on paper (or in digital form) is a block, you might start by getting a cheap voice recorder and just start telling your tale, as if you were around a campfire or with a circle of children you were telling a story to. You might find that the words start flowing. They don't have to be perfect ... you can clean it up later once you transcribe it ... but verbalizing the story could be the first step between having it in your head and putting in in written form

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