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    New Comic Book Character

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by morphghost, Apr 18, 2013.

    Hey guys, I'm mostly a lurker on here and I get a lot of tips and stuff. But I need some help. I am striving to become a comic book writer and have some great ideas. But recently I seen the X-Men movies and then noticed how a certain individual at my school was seriously against the beliefs of a majority group. And I thought how great would it be for one of my heroes to fight a villain like Magneto. I don't really care about powers yet, but I want the character to have such a hatred for humanity that he wants to wipe it out and start with his own "perfect race". So I was just wondering what are some good ideas for a back story. (Much like Magneto was a Holocaust survivor.) for this character to have a deep hatred of humanity.
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    There are alot of reasons why a mutant will hate humanity. An interesting idea, unlike Magneto, maybe your character might feel why should the weak rule the world? Would the world be a better place if everybody is a mutant? If you choose that idea, then give him or her a backstory of how your character became like that. There doesn't have to be a hatred on humanity, it is just a twisted belief. If a human has no super power, then he shouldn't have power to rule people.

    Or perhaps your character is a religous type. He or she believes all mutants are gods, and humanity should worship them. Since humanity refuses, the character forms a hatred against them, and decides to commit genocide. And he has a cult who are terrorists. Then maybe the X-men believes that mutants are not gods, but normal people who are different. But should a person with super powers be treated like a god, or live like a normal person? This can be an interesting story.

    I would really love to read a story about an issue of should super heroes rule the world because they are mighty. It is not about having freedom, it is about who should be domainate; the strong or the weak. And the good answer could be if the strong controls the world, then nothing would be fair for the weak. Mutants will only become what mankind feared.

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