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    New member, hi, RPG material writer

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Fri, Jan 25, 2014.

    Hello folks, thanks for being here.

    I participate in role-playing games which I contribute text content to.

    This content comes in both forms: My activities as I run my own character, and, as game content which I submit to game-masters.

    I'll be here asking for research help, mostly, and, as a newcomer, observing (lurking in) some of the review requests and responses, to see what people are up to and to grok the way this place works! Over time I'm sure I'll become compelled to begin participating in reviews, and if I ever have material to submit for review, too, I'll be in the right place.

    I won't request reviews of any of the actual game material I described here because it shouldn't be discovered outside the game-world.

    I see there's a whole roleplaying forum area set up, with active games and rules. That's right up my alley, you may see me there too!

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    Welcome to it, Fri. :)

    Please have a look through the Forum Rules, and the FAQ as a start.

    Have fun! :D


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