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    Not ready for the Rubber Room yet (313 wrds)

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by wrc, Apr 6, 2016.

    Allow me to introduce myself. (313 wrds)

    Hello everyone.

    I one of those writers who never gave up and I’ve been a writer for over 30 years. During that time I’ve had a mixed bag of successes.

    Here are some highlights of the writing projects I finished: Three of my stage plays were given full public performances. Four of my screenplays had Agents running around Hollywood trying to sell them, unsuccessfully. I wrote a textbook on screenwriting which is still being sold on Amazon. I do not view this as a success since they never paid me my share and they’re still selling it while continuing to stonewall me. I want them to stop selling it but don’t know how to stop them.

    I’ve had a couple of careers while also taking time to write. Without HS I earned two degrees. While finishing the Masters I joined the faculty in Theater Arts and taught classes in TV/Film Production for many years. I taught Creative Writing at a Jr. College for 8 years. I left teaching and formed my own TV/Film production company in SF. I functioned as Producer, Director and Writer and ran that for over 20 years.

    Now I’m an older writer living the life of an Expat in Mexico. I’ve been here for 6 years and Mexico was very productive for me. I finished a screenplay I’d struggled with for many years (I hope this is my last one as they’re impossible to sell). While here I began writing short stories. Now I have two collections in the polish mode: one is mainstream and the other hardboiled/noir stories. I also wrote a novella.

    I work at writing every day, but take one or two days a week to do marketing.

    I joined Writing Forums because I like the company of writers. I also like to give feedback to other writers and receive it for my work. I look forward to participating.

    Have a nice writing day. wrc
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    Welcome to the community. :p Look forward to seeing you around. :D
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    313...... The number...... :bigeek:

    WRC, you've no idea, of course, but that number follows everywhere I go. I see it all the time. It's one of those things in life for me. One of my works in progress even has that title, Three Thirteen.

    Anywho.... :whistle:

    We've chatted already, you and I, in otherly climbs. Welcome! :bigwink:

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