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    Note Regarding Payment Processing Issues [Solved]

    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Daniel, Oct 15, 2018.

    The Short Version:

    We recently encounter problems with our payment processing via PayPal beginning a few months ago. Not all Supporter subscriptions were applied (though payment was successful). Additionally, server fundraising donations didn’t update the progress bar. I believe the problem is fixed in full, an I have manually updated and extended Supporter Membership for anyone who purchased it in the affected window.


    This issue appeared sometime between May - August and lasted until last week.

    After identifying the problem and testing to ensure it was solved (with @Komposten’s assistance), I manually went back and reviewed every PayPal transaction marked as a Supporter Upgrade. I reviewed each account here. Some accounts where fine. For those impacted, and for those where I wasn’t sure, I reset the Supporter Membership - and in several cases extended it.

    To my knowledge, everyone who purchased Supporter Membership this year should have successfully had their account moved to the Supporter Usergroup (green usernames) either at the time of original payment or today.

    If you are a recurring subscriber (renewal every 30 days, 3 months, etc.) I’m unsure how that is impacted. It may continue as it should, or it may not automatically renew.

    If you upgraded to a Supporter, encountered this problem, and have not received an upgrade or message from me, please email me at daniel@writingforums.org.

    A few things regarding server fundraiser donations:

    These were also impacted, but the progress bar was manually updated during all fundraisers.

    Normally the Fundraiser gives you the option to be anonymous or display your username publically when you make a donation. Due to this issue, most donations were listed as anonymous since it wasn’t automatic. I’m unable to update the Fundraiser in many cases because PayPal does not provide your username for the Fundraiser, and many people use a different email than the one registered for this site.

    If you donated and would like for your donation to be listed publically, please email me your forum username, date of donation, and PayPal email address.

    I apologize for this issue. I realize most of you donate to support the site and to keep us online rather than for the perks, but this took longer than I would like to resolve.

    Thank you all for your support and patience during this issue. I apologize that it took me so long to solve (I was made aware a few weeks before a move across the country).

    I believe this is fixed for all future payments. However, if you have questions or are still encountering issues, please let me know.

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