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    nwain and Lauren - Joint Winners Poetry Contest (104)

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Feb 22, 2010.

    Into Space
    By nwain

    She contemplated her words carefully,
    fingering them like
    in her mind
    before laying them out
    before any listener.

    Her reserve, however, could not halt him
    and she lured him without her voice.

    He charged, not caring if they collided.
    He flung himself into space,
    and he caught her-
    or did she catch

    And they stared into each other's eyes as if into a parallel universe
    all their differences reflecting.

    And it was much more
    than a man-woman thing.

    It was
    sameness, swan song, opposition and chaos all at

    She saw
    his best,
    his quiescent beauty
    and she trusted him,
    wanting to tread out
    and then in.

    when he gazed at her grace,
    wanted to hold it,
    own it,
    and that felt like need.

    He saw in her what he'd been so close to,
    what he'd always wished for
    and more than he'd ever known he'd been missing.

    His heart

    Seconds later,
    hers did too.

    She couldn't breath,
    the familiarity she felt,
    so freeing
    and yet eerie.

    would win?
    The assuagement or the apprehension?

    they mirrored each other for a while,
    construing, defining, naming one another.

    And then.

    Who broke the gaze?
    Were things as they had seemed?

    The mirror,
    the planet,
    the circle,
    now spun and spun
    and finally...

    there was no telling where it had begun -
    what it was that had begun -
    who they really were and why.
    Where they were and what
    was real.

    But now to them
    is real
    and they traverse
    to and from,
    not knowing they are doing so.

    It does not matter.
    They are here,
    and together
    or apart
    they are them.


    From the Journal of A Captive
    By Lauren

    It’s a grizzly grey day on Planet LA.
    The customary smog has given way
    to a thick stratocumulus wall, looming
    just beyond the ragged horizon.

    The tourists in shorts wonder
    why the streets are so quiet:
    Where have the natives
    all gone?

    After three-hundred and fifty-two days
    under the giant bulb,
    this air is too heavy, too thick,
    too cold, for their fragile sun-spoiled systems.

    On a day like today on Planet LA,
    even before the rain,
    the cold-sweating pavement blackens the fur
    of the natives’ dogs’ white paws.

    Billboards, emboldened on their high-contrast drop,
    rise high above crumbling streets
    littered and lined with scrubby crabgrass
    and winding this way and that.

    In the silver light of a day like today,
    all the world is easy to see
    with the shine-blind at bay, on a day like today,
    for a poor hostile detainee.
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    Honours even once again in the poetry contest. Just goes to show how strong the entries are. Well played to you both, I know I was torn between the two but can admit one of you got my vote. Well done.
  3. Lauren

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    Thanks for the kind words, Gannon, and congratulations to nwain.
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