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    Oh The love of ELA30!

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Catcouger30, Sep 16, 2016.

    I mean that of course, in the most sarcastic way. Although I'm 'technically'
    out of high school and have been for quite a few years now, I'm doing an 'Adult 12' program
    at our local collage here in order to improve my grades from when I was in high school. This isn't
    a cake walk though. . .

    One of the classes I have to take this semester is English A30. Yesterday we had to read a short story
    called 'The Painted Door' and ugh! That one I swear is the hardest short story I've ever had to read,
    and I'm pretty good when it comes to reading. Then we had to write up a Theme statement and a theme
    paragraph (admittedly I didn't do that, it wasn't for marks anyways, only for us to discuss it), but I have to write one of those for sure now tonight x.x

    Although, the plus side is that this other short story we have to read 'Journey Home' is probably the shortest one I've ever had to read and probably the best, considering what happens at the end of it! So, if you've ever had any experiences like this before then feel free to share, or you could just comment. :p

    Oh... and one more thing, we have two classes every semester, my second class is Math Foundations 30 (I'm even worse at math than English)...

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