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    One1Winged1Angel and Waltznmatildah - Joint Weekly Poetry Contest (171) Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Nov 27, 2011.

    The Loser
    By One1Winged1Angel

    Cactus colored bed sheets
    much softer than your own
    halfhearted diary entries
    from the life you loaned

    Their minuscular wingspans
    saying they found your body
    somewhere in the wasteland
    in a barrel with burning money.

    Silver screen prophets
    know the location of your brain
    you probably just forgot it
    on the airplane seat in Spain

    Very doubtful sources
    glimpsed your flickering soul
    running with wild horses
    with no clear goals

    A long lost ex-lover
    saw your running heart
    hiding under her green covers
    camouflaged in the dark


    Behind a Facade of my Own Devising
    By Waltznmatildah

    There are so many days
    Heaped haphazardly
    So that one runs into the next.
    Through a haze
    In a daze
    I’m touching this intangible thing
    Named time-
    As if life is measurable.
    Forever is taking over
    And I'm slipping down,
    Beyond my grasp.
    My eyes have become mirrors-
    Who can see past polished glass?
    I am a rock
    I am smoke
    Dual natured.
    You’ll see me over the sink
    Hovering at the edges,
    Prying with bloody fingers
    Hammering to be let in.
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    congratulations to you both !!! a well deserved win to both of you:)
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