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    Open Apology to a Specific Individual.

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Cave Troll, Dec 17, 2016.

    @LinnyV ,

    I know this is a tad late, but you are absolutely bloody right.
    I had no right to speak to you on a posted thread of
    mine in the workshop. I was out of line for what I had said to
    you. I am not seeking nor expecting forgiveness for what I have
    said and am 110% accountable for what was said on my behalf.
    I thought we had a friendship of sorts before what had occurred,
    and I take full responsibility for my own words that were to be
    that undoing of said friendship.

    I understand that no matter what I say or do can unchange what
    has already been writ on the annals of history, but that does not
    mean that I don't carry the burden of my own harsh words that
    may/may not have been true in one capacity or another.

    So with much humility and respect for you as an individual
    and a fellow writer in this community, I offer my sincerest
    apologies on the open stage, as I should. You were 110%
    correct that the way I handled the entire ordeal was not only
    obtuse, but completely unjustified. It was petty selfish and
    uncalled for.

    In short: Sorry I was a complete and total ass to you,
    when you neither deserved, nor provoked such a reaction
    from me.
    I hope in time that we can rebuild that friendship that we
    had, but will accept what comes what may.

    Thank you for being honest with my dumb ass.
    Again though it is a tad late, my apologies for
    my acting like a complete and total ass hat about
    the whole thing.
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