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    Opinion about my plot

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Jaschin, Apr 18, 2016.

    Hello guys. I am writing a book ( or at least trying to write a book ) which is situated in like 50 years later or so. The main plot is kind of a confrontation between two different government agencies ( one of them is private agency but working under government that time ) that are suppose to secure the stadium that is holding a big event - world cup match between england and germany. and its a big event because england did get into the finals after 60 years or so. A lot of important persons situated at that place and some people are trying to get an advantage from it. Basically one member of the government agencie is going to be thrown in to an unwanted situation, where his colleagues will throw a murder of Jordan prince and the second guy from the private agencie is going to confront him not knowing that he is innocent. He will try to catch him and behind all this, there is conspiracy and blah blah.. You know what Im saying :D. Its my first time trying to write something like this but I try to put a lot of effort to it. So far I got 11 pages in Word written by Calibri 11 sized font. I just want some opinions from you guys, whether it is not cliche or boring or interesting. I would write more from the story, but Im writing it in my native language and I dont have a lot of tiem to translate it all. Thanks for your opinions.
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    I'm not quite following the plot yet. When you say "secure the stadium" I assume you mean that they are in charge of security for the event, not that they're trying to get ownership of the stadium, right?

    And I'm not clear what "throw" in "throw a murder of a Jordan prince" means.

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