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    "Other Such …" Meaning

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by WiltChamberlain, Mar 12, 2017.

    Hi, this is difficult to explain. Please bear w/ me.

    This is my sentence: "My area (specifically, Hudson and its surrounding rural nothingness) scored two times more points than other such teams."

    This is my question: Does the phrase "other such …" indicate other teams like my own? Or just other teams? The phrase "(specifically, Hudson and its surrounding rural nothingness)" is meant to (1) give the team's location and (2) denote the supposed dearth of players coming therefrom.

    This is my problem: But when I say "other such …" I mean it to indicate every team league-wide, not just those with the disadvantage of a small crop from which to choose its players. And yet—and yet!—take "other such teams" out and replace it with "other teams" and it then lacks, Idk, a certain punch.

    All comments welcome, except those advising me that it doesn't make a difference and just pick one. Thank you.
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    To me that definitely implies "other similar teams". I'd have to just go with "other teams". Or you could go with something along the lines of "other, less disadvantaged, teams" and find a way to punch that up a bit.
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    First off, it's reading funny because there is a lack of concordance:

    My area (specifically, Hudson and its surrounding rural nothingness) scored two times more points than other such teams.

    The two underlined parts should mach, verbally, for your comparison to make sense. Is it teams we're talking about, or areas? Pick one and rephrase that part to match. With that addressed, I would change other such to any other in order to get the meaning you're after. Other such means "others just like the aforementioned".
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