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    Our Destiny (Sci-fi/Fantasy)

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by Jinx802, May 3, 2008.

    Unlimited ammount of characters may join at anytime in the RP

    Name: Our Destiny
    Type: Sci-fi/Fantasy
    timeline: 2064

    Discription: About a year previously, a mad scientist finally invented a machine strong enough to make himself so powerful, he could destroy the universe. A group of people kept him away from that goal for a year now, but eventually he will gain more strengh and overpower these people.

    The entire plot is actually to destroy this scientist once and for all.

    The main team which is called Mega Force may only contain seven people, the rest are either citizens, villains or just other creatures.

    Ability(if any)

    Name: Jayda-Lynn Foster
    Age: 24
    Ability(if any): When the Scientist created that machine, a genetic effect was sent in the air and four humans were now able to read others minds. Jayda, is one of them.
    Personality: She's a rather shy, down to earth girl, she's single, yet 8 months and a half pregnant with her ex's son. Her father is the leader of the team, Jayda is a member of it.
    Occupation: Part of the Mega Force Team
    Family: Jayda has a father, who is leader of the MF, her mother died about two years ago, she has twin brothers which are both traveling the world right now...they are 27. She also has a younger brother and he's 20.
    Bio:Jayda was born and raised in the east of England with her parents and brothers. She was a very smart and talented young girl through out her years of education and was rather popular.When she graduated University at the age of 22, she, and six others were given the gift of reading minds, although that was simply an accident. Now, she's trying to defend the earth with her team of MF and somehow it isn't looking too good as many people have died already.

    THE RP will start when we have atleast three members
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    I'll Join. For when/if it gets accepted.

    Name: Dominic "Nik" Larson.
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Regular old dude.
    Personality: He is a bit on the prankster/slacker side but with the mind of a genius. Very few know of this quality. Very few being only those with top security clearance to his files. He acts as if his talents are nothing. More of a knowledge every one has. few believe he is as smart as people say he is. He is a bit cocky with a friendly side. But he isn't the childish idiot many portray him as.
    Occupation: Mega Force Team.
    Family: All of his family is dead, for the most part. With the exception of his sister who has been comatose for the last five years. He pays her frequent visits. She was injured in a crash that killed the two's parents.
    Bio: He was born in a Phoenix, Arizona. It was realized early on he was rather smart. Everything in school came easy to him. He passed each class with flying colors. seeming to never study. He graduated early with a masters in programming. His skills are much more than that however. At the age of fifteen, a year after he graduated he was thrown in juvy for hacking into a police record database. He has never told the reason to anyone, and because they couldn't PROVE it was him, since he did it from a library computer and claimed he had just sat down at the desk, he was released a week later. Since then he HAS had a record of not only Helping but hindering the police. After his parents were killed and his sister hospitalized he decided that he needed to help his sister and keep her alive till she recovered. He spent the last four years at as a computer programmer. A job that was simply to boring. Thusly he got the Mega Force job. Not exactly a prime candidate, but after testing. They simply could not deny him.
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