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    The presence of Y'golonac


    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by zoupskim, Jan 14, 2016.

    I am trying to write my first book. I have no problem writing the story and have a perfect idea of where the characters are going and what happens to them. I make sure all the character archs feed my theme, as well.

    I gave read a lot about outlining character and plot points. I have written a 'scene' outline, or all the things I will be showing the reader throughout the story. I have never used an outline when writing, and am curious how best to use them. I have heard of the snowflake method, but I am so uninitiated, you might as well say 'peanut butter' method.
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    It's totally dependant on your writing style - there's tons of resources out there and different methods you can find from a quick google search for 'novel planning' or something similar.

    One thing I'd recommend at the very least is to create a spreadsheet to keep track of who does what, where and when. I'm big into planning because not just in writing, but in general life, everything is easier with a plan.
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    I think keep a record of important info is helpful. It prevents you from having to scroll back and forth. Outlining and the best way to do it is completely personal. You have to do what will work for you. If not having an outline is working for you they why fix what is not broken.
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