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    Overload of ideas -which should i save for later?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Keitsumah, Jan 23, 2013.

    Okay well i happen to be one of those authors that if you give me any kind of animal or topic i can come up with a book for it. The only problem is that though i think i have a lot of great ideas for books, i think i should only do the ones that may have the best chances of being published. Help -i need to pick out of so many titles! (I'll give a one-sentence summery as well)

    AndroidXL64: Novel about a young orphan girl with her robot in a world where the world is nothing but desert and it is her job to find a way to bring life back to the land.

    Curse of the Mercenary: novel about a girl who is bitten by a naga and turns into a half-blood -she must choose between the naga or the human races who are at war to side with.

    Owl Charm: novel about an ordinary girl who receives a necklace with an owl charm on it and begins to experience powers similar to that of an owl's natural abilities.

    Shadow Walker: novel about a girl who supposedly has "stolen" a prize horse from racing when no one knows it is in truth a nightmare.

    Gladiator: novel about a roman princess who is mistaken for a gladiator and must earn her freedom -and if she is discovered to be who she is she will be killed.

    Dragon Gag: novel about a dog-like creature who looks like an average puppy to everyone but a tiny girl who knows he can burn down the house without so much as a bark.

    Ghost of the Hall: novel about a young boy who moves into a new house and discovers the ghost of a young girl who was murdered many years before.
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    Having us choose the stories may not be the best idea. People will certainly look at these ideas and say "this sounds great" or "that sounds like crap" feedback, which isn't really going to do you much good in the long run. I think, to eliminate them, you should try writing some, or all of them, out and seeing which ones feel like you'll be able to take them somewhere. Maybe you'll find that selected pieces will end up on the back burner until who knows when, and then they'll come forward and be the new greatest piece. Really, I think the best way to determine what is going to be publishing material depends entirely on how the story is written.
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    well to be honest it takes more than a great idea to get published, even a crappy idea if written well can be published and interesting read, but than again so many worthless stuff has been published some of it not even worth the paper they published on (not saying your stuff is worthless) so who knows how many good stuff was'nt published...

    but the AndroidXL64 seems interesting to me
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    The one with the best chance of being published is the one that is the best-written. Pick whichever one is closest to you and that you feel you can really explore and write well. If you don't know which one this is, try writing a scene from each and see which one resonates most with you.
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    Pick the one you an do the most with to work on now. Save ALL the rest for later. Some you will never get around to, as they slide inexorably down the growing backlog of ideas.

    No one can make your choices for you.

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