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    OWL@Purdue's Reply on Hyphenated Words after Verbs

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by dillseed, May 29, 2014.

    Found this interesting... thought I'd share. Looks as though the trend is to not hyphenate words after verbs. :)
    Yes, because all the compound adjectives in your example are after the verbs, they are correct without the hyphens.


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    This is not homework; it is a valiant attempt to understand this concept. In yesterday's email reply you said to not hyphenate compound adjectives after verbs. That said, are the following correct without the hyphens? Sorry for the multiple examples.


    He is accident prone.

    It was computer aided.

    The product was sugar free.

    She was power driven.

    He is quick thinking

    The formula was carbon neutral.

    The program is user generated.

    Hal is bad tempered.

    He is sport mad.

    The program was custom built.

    She is fair haired.

    She is camera ready and camera shy.

    The blonde is muddle

    Dale was open mouthed.

    Thank you... this would be a great help!

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