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    Palmer - Poetry Contest (91) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Aug 19, 2009.

    Auguries of Demise
    By Palmer

    How does the loss of life remind
    The heathens to all pray?
    How often does it come to mind
    That your life will end one day?

    How many others do think the same
    When they see the beggars weep?
    Or how about the women in shame
    Who live their lives to sleep?

    What about the philospher
    Who rejects the blatant truth?
    Or the oaf who sells his coffer
    To learn of things uncouth?

    How about the wars that emerge
    Which leave the meadows bare?
    Or the wealthy barons that spend and splurge
    And keep no coins to spare?

    What about the noble trust
    That is later soon denied?
    Or the adoration meant to rust
    To find another bride?

    How about the vanity
    Of the girl who basks in splendor?
    Or the man who has lost his sanity
    And declines his only gender?

    What about the callous men
    Who steal to sniff Cocaine?
    Or the pretentious priests that say "Amen!"
    And delight in things profane?

    How about the witless fool
    Who condemns through plain complexion?
    Or the man who cannot use a tool
    To tell the right direction?

    What about the pestilence
    That takes a million lives?
    Or the Being of omnipotence
    Whose tomorrow soon arrives?

    How do these things awaken
    Of what their fate might be?
    These lives are all forsaken
    And their deathbed they shall see.
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    Now, Palmer you're spoliing us with purple-patch prolificacy! Some exemplorary stanzas in terms of rhythm and of how to combine non-cloying rhyme to effect.

    Only question, why the use of first letter capitalisation on every line? I tend to think it an antiquated stylistic serving only to distract. Maybe your intent was to echo the ethos of elevated art popular in the period from whence this stylistic came?
  3. Palmer

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    Precisely your thoughts, it should give off an "old" feel. I'm a rather archaic poet so to speak, as I've been accustomed to that when reading poetry. Certainly, you've yet to see me write a line that starts with a small letter, and if I do, it's probably going to end up having one of my "gimmicks". :) You flatter me too much, but I think that you could say the same to all the other poems in the contest since I admit that I liked a bunch of others more than mine. I'd actually appreciate a three-way tie, and I'm betting that if there were more voters, the margin of error would be lessened hence resulting in a more deserving victor.
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