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    People Who Need To Be Torn Apart

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by chad.sims2, Jun 10, 2008.

    Ok well i went to work today like i always do and one of the girls i work with mentioned that she wrote poetry and stories. So me being the nice guy I am offered up that she might want to join this here great forum. The reply that i got was.. and i quote! "I've got my own website i don't need that!" In a snouty voice as she looked down at me for enjoying the company of other writers and letting my work improve though your wonderful guidance.
    Now I took the chance to ask if she was published... Turns out her work, that is perfect and needs no assistance.. has been turned down many times, by many publishers. I think what this girl needs is to have someone look at her work and then point out ever tiny flaw until she gets it into her head that she is not better than me or anyone else, and if i ever get anything published i'm going to thank this forum for your support and then bring a copy of the book into work give it to her and say "But of course you don't need any help!"
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    I think people would have thought I had a horrible attitude about getting help at one time.
    It wasn't that I felt I didn't need it. It was more that I was terrified that they would rip my poor little twiddles (taken from Pern books) apart and leave them and me bleeding in the ditch.
    I only let people who had no skill or imagination read them.
    If she has been sent rejections from publishers she may just be scared to have someone read them even a friendly stranger.
    Don't offer her help but don't hold the attitude against her. She may come around in a bit of time.
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    I understand where Lessa is coming from. Not everyone is ready to have their work seriously gone over. It doesn't show very much on this site because pie-fights and flame wars are strictly verboten! But go check out some other sites and watch as people put their prizes on display, thinking that the world is going to give a standing ovation for the little scrap of story that was written over break at work. The pies will be a-flyin', the flames will be a-flickerin'.

    Just be thankful that YOU have found this polite community of helpful people who know how to mind their P's and Q's when it comes to reviewing work and just socializing. Don’t let that person’s attitude get under your skin. It will just itch, real bad. :D
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    Hey just dont let it bother you too much. If shes not ready to have people go over her right now she might change her mind later on down the road. And if she does come to this site for help, she will only be shooting herself in the foot for not doing it sooner :p

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