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    Photo book publishing help

    Discussion in 'Print on Demand' started by Anti:Centric, Jul 23, 2015.

    I am in the beginning stages of creating a photobook of photography. It will be a simple presentation with an introduction about my philosophy and who I am and perhaps a reference guide at the end for more meaningful photos. The photo's will not have commentary on the same page because it's being presented as art and not storytelling or journalism. A few questions I have are: If I use any photo book company, is there an easy way to sell it through sites like amazon? I see lots of self published books on amazon, but I have no idea how I would get my book displayed on the site if I were use the photobook maker, Artisan State or Shutterfly. I want something easy, that people can see, use their credit or debit cards and have the book shipped to them, quick and easy. I do know that blurb.com offers some kind of selling option, which you can link to a facebook page or website, but i'm not sure which company i'm going to use yet. As you can tell, i'm new to this and any information you think may be helpful is very welcome! I really like the idea of having a company that will take orders from anyone and ship the book to the customer. Thanks so much!
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    Do a search on "on demand photo book printing". There are a lot of options.

    As this is a writing forum I don't know that there will be many people with specific photo book publishing experience. You would probably be better off joining a photography forum.
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    Where are you based? We do photobook publishing (we thing of it as picture books and tend to print children's books in the same format) in the UK, but wherever you are, if you look to have it printed as a short-medium run full colour service you'll be able to find something cheaper than if you look at individual photobook printing. Companies that call themselves photobook printers tend to charge more.
    Good luck and I hope that helps.

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