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    Plot help

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Zenith, Oct 15, 2008.

    Ok, so I don't have much, just chapter 1 laid out.
    It's sort of an idea I've had for awhile though
    So, let's see...

    A dictator has taken over the country. He took over with his advanced technology at first, and slowly gained followers. Then he forced people to work by threatening them.
    He hates war. He's trying to keep everyone in line by forcing them to his will.

    The story takes off a few years after he's taken over. There's some rebels against him, of course, but he's slowly eradicating them. Meanwhile, the rebels try to infiltrate his bases and steal plans so they can know what they're up against. It used to be a very simple country, so androids are very new and advanced for them.

    The rebels actually have no idea how they're going to overthrow the dictator, but they can't just stop. so they push on.
    They get a major breakthrough by raiding one outpost and actually acquiring a prototype bio android and a soldier of his army. They try to utilize both to their advantage.

    and that’s about it...

    I can't seem to get past this part.
    See, the bio-android was a girl, named Adel, whose town was burned down. She was close to dying, but Deraz (the dictator) 'saved' her and her sister, Caressa, by turning them into his experiments. She pretty much failed, but her sister succeeded. Adel was stored away, later found by Ethan (the solider) and the rebels. She has moments where she lapses in and out of consciousness and is unable to control her power. She has no memory of who she is, but seems to think her name is Caressa.

    Caressa became Deraz's main tool. So eventually Caressa and Adel have to fight again. Although Caressa can never become herself again. She's just a mindless killing machine now.

    Ethan's father is a strong supporter of Deraz. His father is trying to get him to advance in the ranks, but Ethan doesn't really care to. He's sort of lost the will to live because everything he loved was destroyed. He doesn't get attached to anyone and doesn't care about the rebels and their plan.

    And then Deraz himself. (I’m thinking of changing his name... but Deraz for now) His family was torn apart by war and he was shipped off to a distant relatives home, where he learned about the advanced technology. Haunted by his past, he wanted to make sure war never happened again. So he returned to his homeland and took over, intent on making it a safe place.

    Sorry if that's a lot at once, but I wanted to explain everything I have so far as fully as possible.
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    Start by finding a more personal reason for your protagonists to NEED to take down the dictator, apart from the fact that he's a big ol' despot. Ideally, something that requires an "all or nothing commitment" - once they begin to decide to take action, make it continually more difficult for them to continue, but impossible to go back.
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    Hehe, 'Caressa'. That name just sounds... dirty.

    Anyway, I find when I start getting bored with a plot, it always helps liven things up to put in a sudden unexpected plot twist. Keep the blood pumping through its veins...
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    The Adel character sounds intersting. I'd like to know more about her.

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