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  1. theoriginalmonsterman

    theoriginalmonsterman Pickle Contest Administrator Contributor

    Dec 3, 2014
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    Poetry contest #267 -- theme: "the sea"

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Aug 22, 2015.

    Hey everyone! I will be taking over for @thirdwind from now on, so before we kick off this poetry contest I want to take a moment to thank him for all he’s done and wish him luck at school! :D

    This contest’s theme is going to be “The Sea” suggested by @Aaron DC! Feel free to interpret the theme in any way you want, but please make sure your poem does include the theme in some way.

    All entries are due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time (ET) on Saturday, September 12th. All entries should be posted directly in this thread. Replies will be anonymized by the anonymizer system, and they will be de-anonymized once voting ends. Keep in mind that you're responsible for making sure the formatting of your poem is correct.

    Good luck to everyone who enters in the contest, but most importantly have fun!

    Hopefully I've got the hang of this :confuzled:
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  2. cutecat22

    cutecat22 The Strange One Contributor

    Feb 20, 2014
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    To Be In The Arms of Venus.

    When everything else seemed so shallow and cold,
    And I felt I was lost at the helm.
    No stars were visible in the overcast sky,
    I seemed to be lost in a turbulent realm.

    Cast adrift on an ocean as endless as time,
    No helping hand, no cast or crew.
    A bleak outlook on a dull horizon,
    No time to waste, what do I do?

    The waves were angry against my vessel,
    The thunder began to roll.
    And the crashing lightning made me hide,
    And I knew I was losing control.

    When all seemed lost, a savior arrived,
    Could this be? Am I dreaming? Is he real?
    Another ship which was strangely familiar,
    Someone else who could know how I feel?

    The captain was older and wiser,
    As though he'd weathered this storm before.
    Could he be the star to guide me back home?
    To guide me to sunnier shores?

    As he led my soul away from the danger,
    I regained my life and my credence.
    We aspired to be each other's strength and fervour,
    To be in the arms of Venus.
  3. Mumble Bee

    Mumble Bee Custom Title. Contributor

    May 18, 2015
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    World War Sea

    I see that you're salty
    what a tidal wave of goodbye

    On the surface tranquility,
    but wells have run dry

    A great storm is brewing;
    all this calm is a lie

    Super moon is a pulling,
    aquaholical high
  4. GuardianWynn

    GuardianWynn Contributor Contributor

    Nov 12, 2014
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    An Ocean of Memories

    I can't stop the rain,

    I can't stop the pain.

    Some much commotion,

    Yet so little emotion.

    They don't understand the rain,

    Not like I do, not like you.

    They wait for champagne

    and Daube De Boeuf stew.

    I look out at the ocean,

    I see so much motion.

    How we used to stare,

    and lived without care.

    I still remember you patting my head,

    You came in real close and said;

    You are the only little lass,

    who paints so well, like Degas.

    For once my smile understands your tears,

    When you looked at collection of the years

    locked in the ocean, trapped beneath the waves,

    the countless loves that rest in those graves.

    Now its time for my tears to replenish the sea

    and give it the beauty that you gave me.

    Gone but you will never be forgotten,

    Because the ocean will never be rotten.

    In my pocket, rests your locket.

    I will never let it go.

    I love you Aunt T

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  5. edamame

    edamame Contributor Contributor

    Apr 5, 2013
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    the ocean spray prickles my bare arms
    pale goosebumps rise in the autumn sun
    recalling the hills of a journey we once took
    to this sandy shore, a winding
    summer road that I thought would always flower
    now washed away by the tide
    and scrubbed clean with brine scent
  6. Reilley Turner

    Reilley Turner Active Member

    Jun 5, 2015
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    In my room, writing.
    The Sea Mistress

    She be a cruel mistress,

    Yet a gentle soul too.

    She carries our bounty,

    and our lives too.

    With life in her hand,

    And death in her soul.

    She can sink yee ship,

    Without any qualm.

    She be a finicky one,

    No one knowing what’s next.

    She can stab you in the back,

    or save your soul.

    Her wrath is unstoppable,

    Her blessing incredible.

    Her grip crushing,

    and her kiss wonderful.

    So be careful what you do,

    ‘cause there be no fleeing.

    When she be on your ass,

    There is no retreating.
  7. AniGa

    AniGa Member

    Sep 10, 2015
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    Tell me, friend, have you seen the sea?
    Have you seen its waves, its colors,
    and have you even seen its beauty?

    Tell me, friend, have you heard the sea?
    Have you heard its roaring and rushing,
    and have you even heard its rage?

    Tell me, friend, tell me about the sea.
    Tell me, for I yearn for your words.
    I yearn for them, for I yearn for peace.

    Tell me, friend, tell me about the sea.
    Tell me what is hidden in its depths,
    so I may know where to look on my journey.

    In your eyes, my friend, I can see the sea.
    I can see and share its innermost feelings,
    and yet I can't feel its heart beating in mine.

    The sea, my friend, it carries my regrets.
    So I ask of you, drown these regrets in the ocean,
    and let it be a gift to cherish on my journey.

    So, just this once, let me be you, my friend.

    Show me the sound of the sea.
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