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  1. theoriginalmonsterman

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    Dec 3, 2014
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    Past Contest Poetry Contest #271 -- Theme: "Home" (Painting)

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Jan 10, 2016.

    I'm sorry to say that the last contest didn't have any winners, so I've decided just to move onto the next contest.

    This contest’s theme is going to be a bit different from what you are usually used to. Instead of using a specific phrase or word for the theme I'm instead going to post an image for you guys to interpret through poetry in anyway you like.

    Here's the painting you will be going off of for this contest.

    Title: "Home" By: Unknown Artist

    All entries are due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time (ET) on Saturday, January 30th. All entries should be posted directly in this thread. Replies will be anonymized by the anonymizer system, and they will be de-anonymized once voting ends. Keep in mind that you're responsible for making sure the formatting of your poem is correct.

    Good luck to everyone who enters in the contest, but most importantly have fun!
  2. Electralight

    Electralight Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    I Stand

    I stand –

    The grass is green

    My home on a hill

    Land stretching to forever.

    I stand-

    The sky transforms

    Into an ocean

    Waves rolling to forever.

    I stand-

    My hand raised high

    Waving to the man

    Sailing off to forever

    I stand-

    The moon rising

    Over distant hills

    Twinkling to forever

    I stand-

    Looking forward

    Dreaming of the world

    Imagining forever
  3. I.A. By the Barn

    I.A. By the Barn A very lost time traveller Contributor

    Oct 26, 2015
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    I carry on without you, but slower,
    Slower day by day.
    Come back home.

    I see you as I sleep in the giant bed,
    Wallowing me in loneliness.
    Come and lie by me.

    I look out to the west, hoping,
    Hoping you’d run over the fields.
    Come back to me.

    The house is a cavern, dark and cold,
    Marks of the fights we had.
    Come and love me.

    I read every letter you wrote,
    Getting older by the day.
    Write me another,
    Come and deliver it to me.

    Just stop my yearning, dreaming and hoping.
    The seas are no lover, only full of stinging salt,
    I know I stung you so,
    Forgive me and come home.
  4. Raiya

    Raiya New Member

    Jan 18, 2016
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    Beyond the rolling hills of green,
    Beneath the swimming birds -
    A little house, so quaint and clean,
    Can paint a thousand words.

    But I have just a few to share,
    No story, nor a tome -
    And yet no mansion could compare,
    To our surreal home.
  5. Jeffrey M Godfrey

    Jeffrey M Godfrey New Member

    Jan 19, 2016
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    Leesburg, Virginia
    A Salient Sky

    I wave goodbye to sea and sky,
    all at the same time,
    as I follow you down the rabbit hole,
    I felt a certain pull,
    like I missed life's answers at a glance,
    while mocking polarities in that dance,
    as the moon bounces its best,
    colliding with water's body,
    grains of salt in airy circumstance,
    as gods laugh at nature's hypocrisy,
    this sky shakes its fist to me,
    what once was rife,
    twisting and folding space around you,
    together and toward,
    physical bounds!
    I refuse!
    such a dreamy landscape, electric sheep...
    as I sleep,
    when heart's gravity forgets,
    it's time,
    sink or swim,
    fall or fly,
    together and toward,
    together and toward,
    I am drawn,
    infinitely in a wave,
    no promises made.
  6. Frankee_thecat

    Frankee_thecat Member

    Jan 20, 2016
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    Goodbye-Hello my Child-me

    We get (don't get) to dwell in an egg of love
    nestled deep in wobbly, slimy mucous
    with a cheery, creek-gurgle of blood. Over
    SHOUT and plead, SHOUT and plead SHOUT and plead.
    Everyone (not) knowing: she also eats for me.

    And so on

    no, yes, No, Yes, NO, YES, NO!, YES!
    And Blah into the first rejection that isn't.
    Cheery creek-gurgle bird's first step,
    flown straight into a raving river;
    Surprise! It's a deafening roar.
    Get the fuck?....what's with?....
    work, sleep, work.

    And from that loving confide, this thing with no divide +
    boxes within boxes within boxes
    There is no 'through' nor an 'out'.
    Everything *is* and the rest is naught.
    Truth is *now* the rest doubt.
    The 'rest' beyond us
    and of us
    and where we are bound.
    It will all be quiet (not quiet) when I am Sound.

    We grow 'big' and then 'small' whatever-the-fuck.
    Sagan dots within dots. A whopping great paradox
    - even 'whopping great' both true and false.
    And our ears hear waaaay to much to bear.
    Our minds self-sheltered from the fucking Roar

    Except at child-like times, when All grows Big
    a Bogeyman Comes,
    not so much at night,
    but in a correctly-shaped ghost oval in the crowd.
    Head snaps, eyes search...then focus...THEN see
    only slightly after then do you Know
    with secret relief and wondering how.

    And so On
    at 3 in the morn'
    the Healing hour when self-defenses are down.
    And the mind hears what the Ear already Heard
    (they always blush for telling)
    At 3am you know: growing old
    sure is to battle with your Soul!

    ...and then back to spinning leaves in a torrent of madness,
    flooding with sappy desire
    hopeless dreams of reaching the other side!
    But always whittled down and 'Soon':
    One little bed
    One little cupboard
    One little room
    a box within a box within a box
    There alone in utter-company:
    you-me-us the paradox.

    Leaving my Child gives breathless Wonder.
    Is it a lively lung tearing heart asunder? :(

    Or just part of the paradox :)
    Nothing ventured. Nothing lost
    ...all undone, yet all 'a course'
    a (chinese-whispered) echo of an echo of an echo?

    I-you will leave-stay
    and we shall always-never love (in our indifference).
    In time, I think, we will agree to such.
    Let's Now agree to always-never be happy-sad!!
    Because everything that Is, Must

    and the hard part: there is Nothing else

    From Nothing becomes Nothing as he said.
    But from Nothing becomes EVERYTHING
    - hush love, that is Truth as well.
    I cry and I smile and I try to hold speech and say:
    I love-hate
    the fact-fiction
    that I won't-will
    see-be blind to you

    But this for sure.
    Of all the things I did-didn't do,

    You were the best by an unfathomable amount!

    Not buying a second that does so much,
    but buying the first and crossing THAT gulf!
    The impossible difference between our Earth and Sky
    the impossible difference between none and some.

    My ship has cast and the last thing I see
    is you waving from your cloud of green....
    I see the smoke from your Hearth,
    I see the nappies on the line,
    I see you standing Tall
    while saying goodbye to a Father as well.
    And I weep with Pride and Joy in it all!
    And within my heart and within my Soul,

    I am Fiercely Content!

    We're ready for this next voyage of ours.

    Goodbye-Hello my Child-me :)
  7. Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell Member

    Jan 11, 2016
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    A Safe Haven

    There is no home for us, we’re travel-bound:
    Whether we’re drawn to a seafaring life
    Or we keep our feet anchored to the ground
    The ebb and flow of time will sweep us by.

    There is no home for us in dimming echoes
    Of ever-changing voices ‘twixt four walls
    Drown out by gently blowing winds of meadows,
    The breeze that gnaws at us till we’re rag dolls.

    There is no home for us in open seas
    A thousand miles away from friend or foe:
    Tides of oblivion, stunted legacies,
    Our dreams and hopes caught in the undertow.

    There is no home for us but in that moonlit instant
    When clashing worlds redefine existence,
    When birds dive into the ocean, fish soar towards the sky,
    And a single gesture really means hello, love and goodbye.
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