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  1. theoriginalmonsterman

    theoriginalmonsterman Pickle Contest Administrator Contributor

    Dec 3, 2014
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    Past Contest Poetry Contest #276 -- Theme: "Tunnel Vision"

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Aug 13, 2016.

    Went ahead and chose a picture from the Picture Theme Ideas thread which can be found here:

    If you have any pictures you'd be interested in seeing in an up Poetry contest let me know! :D

    For now the theme for this contest will be this fantastic photograph posted by LinnyV down below.


    When writing your poem please make sure to include this picture's theme in some way, or your poem may be excluded from the contest.

    All entries are due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time (ET) on Saturday, August 27th. All entries should be posted directly in this thread. Replies will be anonymized by the anonymizer system, and they will be de-anonymized once voting ends. Keep in mind that you're responsible for making sure the formatting of your poem is correct.

    This poetry contest should be a good way to wrap up the summer, so with that being said I wish everyone good luck but more importantly to have fun. Will be looking forward to seeing everyone's entries! :D

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  2. VynniL

    VynniL Contributor Contributor

    Dec 20, 2015
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    Looking from the Void

    Looking in her mirror,
    mask becomes a lie.
    Fighting lines of loathing,
    reflecting what will die.

    Looking at her love,
    visions of contempt.
    Corrosive years of anguish,
    self hatred, discontent.

    Looking across horizons
    with no end in sight.
    Tormented barren wasteland,
    Death follows her tonight.

    Looking down the barrel;
    racing life goes by.
    Stagnant in her fear,
    deafened by her cry.

    Looking through the tunnel
    leading to the light.
    Abandoning the darkness,
    releasing from her plight.

    Looking from the Void
    silencing the strife.
    Colourless in sorrow,
    weightless, without life.
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  3. I.A. By the Barn

    I.A. By the Barn A very lost time traveller Contributor

    Oct 26, 2015
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    The Tunnel

    It tells me the untold,
    What others whisper about me,
    Friends new and old.

    It lets me realise that my many passions
    are just a waste of time.
    It leaves me with the important ones.

    Do you see these walls that surround me?
    They support my heart as well as crushing it.
    What else will dry my tears when you make it flee?

    It tries its best to free me from shackles
    Don’t paint it as a villain,
    It doesn’t realise its adding its own.

    You say it leads me the wrong way
    Down the tunnel, but you weren’t there
    When I needed you back in the fray.

    I turn my head both directions,
    Which light is the true one?
    It tells me one, you tell me the other.

    On some days I’m glad
    It doesn’t let me cry and
    Others I want to so bad.

    It tells me what is truly important
    Letting me focus,
    But really it tears my vision.
  4. cutecat22

    cutecat22 The Strange One Contributor

    Feb 20, 2014
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    Dark, cold, unfeeling,
    Damp with tears of regret.
    Like a lost love from past times,
    Someone I tried to forget.

    A pinpoint of light in the distance,
    Unsure if it's actually there.
    Keep moving in that direction,
    Wading through my despair.

    The pinpoint is now larger,
    Fatigued legs power on.
    Hope burns in my heart,
    Soon the darkness will be gone?

    His radiance overcomes the shadows,
    Tears dry in the light.
    Of someone I wasn't expecting,
    Of someone who heard my plight.

    Past love will never be forgotten,
    We all must move on.
    We cannot stay in the tunnels,
    Go into the light, be yourself, be strong.
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  5. big soft moose

    big soft moose All killer, no filler. Contributor Community Volunteer

    Aug 1, 2016
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    East devon/somerset border

    When you try to do what's right
    and it's thrown back in your face
    When twenty years hard graft
    risks ending in disgrace.

    When all around people chatter
    and talk behind your back.
    When truth's a slender reed
    bent by slander's vile attack.

    When the people you can trust
    can be counted on one hand
    When success years in building
    has foundations made of sand

    When friendship's love is tainted
    and the gossips say “affair”
    When all you've worked for's broken
    vandalised beyond repair

    When every good thing is gone
    and happiness all crumbled into pain
    When the light at tunnel's end
    is really just a train.
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  6. Choco Leche

    Choco Leche New Member

    Aug 9, 2016
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    Tunnel's Path

    "A light in the dark, save my soul!

    let bygones be bygones

    where the world is narrow and not round

    cherish life to live old and be young

    like fireflies emitting lights

    find your lantern amidst the dark.

    Feel the human conscious

    break free of the barriers

    where there is positivism, the opposite is an parallelism

    trust the wisdom of a Wayfarer

    let bygones be bygones.”
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  7. gibble410

    gibble410 WHUPPA Contributor

    Jun 15, 2016
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    Tunnel Hatred

    Creeping silently through the water,
    Of this tunnel I'm the gaurder.
    My blood red eyes,
    Observing, scaring the flies.

    The rank smell from this tunnel sewer,
    Of all life, it does not lure.
    The rage that burns beneath my scales,
    Killing all love, killing Holy Grails.

    Dragging onto the hard stone path,
    Emerging from my sewer bath.
    The tunnel stretches endlessly,
    No ones here except for me.
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