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    Dec 3, 2014
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    Past Contest Poetry Contest #277 Theme -- Halloween

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Oct 11, 2016.


    I'd like to apologize in advance for taking so long to get this contest out, but now that I have I should be able to keep up with any upcoming poetry contests. I've gone ahead and simplified the format a bit to make it easier to post these. For these first two weeks it will just be this contest. Once this contest transitions into its voting phase I will upload another poetry contest, and then from there we will continue to always have two poetry contests going at once.

    The theme for this poetry contest is going to be "Halloween"! The poetry style that this contest will require to be written in will be "freeverse".

    Freeverse -- "Free verse is an open form of poetry. It does not use consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any other musical pattern."

    You are allowed to interpret this theme anyway you like, but please make sure to include it in some way. Not doing so may result in your entry being disqualified.

    Entries for this contest must be submitted by 11:59pm/EST (ET) on Saturday, October 22nd. By this point the entry thread should be locked, but if it's not and you submit an entry after the time stated above your poem may be deleted.

    All entries submitted will be anonymized until voting for this contest ends. Keeping everyone anonymous helps ensure a more fair contest especially when we're voting for the winner.

    This is something new we're doing. I want to create a poetry book using poems from these poetry contests we do, so if you want to have yours possibly included put two asterisks ** at the top of your poem, and I'll contact you further if you're interested. More information on this can be found here.

    Thanks to everyone who decides to participate in this contest. And also have a happy Halloween! :ghost::ghost::ghost:

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  2. gibble410

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    Jun 15, 2016
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    **Halloween Fun!

    Black night,
    Moon light,
    Sound of candy,
    How dandy!

    Trick or treat,
    Smell my feet!
    Knock on door,
    There's no bore!

    Night O' hallows eve,
    And what do I see?

    Black cats,
    Running backs,
    Shark fins!

    All by small kids, grinning with delight,
    Enjoying this hallow night,
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  3. PapaSmurfberry

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    Jan 26, 2011
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    Jacksonville FL
    **The Princess**

    She walks across the bare thread rug, and sheds her dirty cloths along with her mask of happiness, because tonight she will be happy, for tonight she is a princess,

    She puts on her pink frilly dress, and picks up her two black shiny shoes, she pays special care to put them on the right feet this time, she did it wrong once and no one told her, and her feet hurt, and there is no pain tonight, for tonight she is a princess,

    He called her that long ago, before he left her and mom, for a while he would call and end each goodbye with a princess, but he doesn't call anymore, and tonight she will not wait for him to start again, but he would be so proud, for tonight she is a princess,

    She took special care to clean her hair, she had asked mom to help but she was busy, but that's okay she did it herself like a big girl, she brushes it straight and ties ribbons in it, for tonight she is a princess,

    She runs in the living room to show mom, but she is asleep on the couch next to the mirror the razor blade and two white pills, but they are not candy she thought they were once, and mom hit her and yelled when she touched them, but that's okay, she soon will get lots of candy, for tonight she is a princess,

    She goes into the kitchen, beneath the sink next to the bleach and Drain-O, and gets an old grocery store bag, she heads to the front door and steps into the world and smiles, for tonight she is a princess,

    She thinks of tomorrow at school the stories she will tell of candy, this isn't like Christmas or Thanksgiving when she heard what her friends got and had nothing to tell herself, tonight will be good, for tonight she is a princess,

    She walks next door to Mrs Sandy's house and knocks, Mrs Sandy is her friend, she helps her when mom is gone and she doesn't know where, Mrs. Sandy answers the door and looks at her with sad loving eyes, and tells her she has a special bag for her, for tonight she is a princess,

    She walks alone up and down the dark street, until her bag is full and runs home squealing with joy, she lets herself in, and decides to sleep in her dress to hold on to the night a little longer, for tonight she was a princess,

    She falls asleep, and dreams of candy, in a world where daddy still loves her, and mom cares, she finds comfort in the night and wakes with a tear in her eyes for today she is her.
  4. dbesim

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    Mar 28, 2014
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    London, UK
    They Won't Ask Why

    This Halloween they won't ask me why
    There's a coffin in my garden,
    It's not unusual that
    The trees that shade the coffin
    Cast a slightly darker shadow
    Over it than other parts of
    The garden.
    Nothing unusual about how the crows
    Flock together and poop on the tomb
    But poop nowhere else.

    No one will ask about the ouija board
    Damp beneath the rain.

    The twigs that fall only there,
    The beetles that crawl across,
    The black cats that lie over it at night
    No other time of day.

    They won't ask why
    The coffin's unfastened
    That I've disturbed the dead.
    They won't ask about
    The body inside.

    This Halloween,
    It's not unusual.
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