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  1. theoriginalmonsterman

    theoriginalmonsterman Pickle Contest Administrator Contributor

    Dec 3, 2014
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    Past Contest Poetry Contest #309 || Theme: Apple

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Nov 4, 2018.

  2. Bobby Burrows

    Bobby Burrows Senior Member

    Oct 2, 2018
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    Thank You Johnny Appleseed!

    Ringo is the Japanese word for Apple
    Ringo drummed for The Beatles
    The Beatles signed a record deal with Apple Records
    Apple's founder Steve Jobs loved The Beatles
    Apples are green and red, but my Apple is blue
    My Apple runs on O2
    As American as apple pie
    Describing the apple of my eye
    The Big Apple in N Y
  3. dbesim

    dbesim Contributor Contributor

    Mar 28, 2014
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    London, UK
    The Lady With The Apples

    She used to trudge through the town
    “Who will buy my apples? Come on down.”
    The apples are as rotten and beaten as her rags
    No one wants her apples but she still brags,
    “Best apples in the world,” she says
    Rotten apples that have seen their days
    The woman has no coin to her name
    I see her every day I know her game
    Children mock her, grown ups kick her
    Apples as rotten as her forced laughter
    For her eyes laugh not. I note her desperation.
    She deserves more appreciation.
    I stroll toward the tart
    I say, “Can I buy the entire cart?”
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  4. Phonetic Wisdom

    Phonetic Wisdom New Member

    Nov 8, 2018
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    Spoiled Fruit

    Momma said, “Eat your apples, they’re good for you!”
    I suppose she heard the saying about how one a day helps avoid the doctor too
    Yet, the infamous allegory implies that it omits heavenly access
    After all it was an apple that got Adam and Eve discarded from The Garden of Eden
    God told them both to be careful of what they are eating
    Ironic that it was the apple representing evil
    Suddenly it seems risky to call you the apple of my eye
    Are you healthy or harmful?
    Are you worth a bite or is it best to discard you?
    Perhaps it is an esoteric insight
    Much like the poisonous apple that put Snow White to sleep
    Maybe the apple in the Garden awoke their consciousness to their dream-like state
    It was the gateway to knowledge like the apple from a teacher’s pet
    The difference between the red pill and the blue
    Red like apples and root chakras too
    It is plausible that this red must mean something significant then
    Red like blood, red like rage, red like lust
    Is this symbol of forbidden knowledge eaten in the Garden the root of our destruction?
    A hunger for more tied to our basic instincts that allows false perception
    Beliefs of wakefulness in a trance, a conscious trap
    In depth thoughts of a fruit, too deep for my own good
    I could just be the rotten apple who spoils the bunch with my overeager theories
    If only my late, southern grandmother could hear my speculations today
    I imagine she’d say “Oh hush chile, eat that apple and delight in its freshness and crunches.”
  5. Samunderthelights

    Samunderthelights Active Member

    Jan 29, 2017
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    Poisoned Apple

    Still fairest of all,
    With poisoned apple in hand,
    The young girl will fall.​
  6. SethLoki

    SethLoki Unemployed Autodidact Contributor

    Jan 1, 2011
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    Manchester UK


    Was a bright autumn day neath tree by Chapel
    Where sat a knight be-saddled in shade, on horse a-dapple,

    Taking respite and a bite into his Edenesque apple,

    Pondering fight on yon field—and with whom he’d tackle.

    Till, in time, save for core, he’d munched said apple...

    Pricked beast with spurs and with reins did a-grapple.
    Skedaddled, he howling, horse whinnying, back into battle.​
  7. PoemNerd212

    PoemNerd212 Contributor Contributor

    Sep 15, 2017
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    An Apple Tree

    Here in this wasteland, I find an apple tree
    with broken roots and a hollow trunk.
    Beneath the barren boughs, I wait.
    The only shade they give is in the shape of snakes,
    their twisted bodies still and silent
    upon the cracked and dusty earth.
    But still, it's shade,
    protection from the deadly sun
    that looms above this place.
    So here, I wait.

    This tree is all that's left of life before the drought.
    This broken body used to bear
    a bounty made of apples, flowers, leaves.
    But now, it only holds
    the memories of greener years,
    of spring's relief, of rain.
    Oh, what I'd give to see those things again!
    To taste the fruit this withered world once gave
    a final time before I leave
    would be a gift.

    The sun has dipped below the edge
    and I am bound to bitter rest.
    I wish for stars that never come.
    The sight of them would comfort me.
    Instead, I fall asleep to vacant darkness.
    I dream of odd and wonderful things,
    of snakes that glide across the earth
    like streams of water from a spring,
    of wind that tastes like blossoms on the tongue.
    I dream of stars that leak their light
    in liquid drops upon the ground.
    I dream of apples falling from the sky,
    floating so slowly down to gently kiss the world below,
    reviving everything they touch
    until the land is green again, the tree alive again.
    I reach for them.
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  8. Dolphin laughter

    Dolphin laughter Member

    Aug 31, 2018
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    Soul Retrieval

    Abandoned as child I recklessly dropped
    my misplaced values and virtues forgot,
    as soured morals of a soul in strife
    like unripened apples from my tree of life
    discarded on paths of danger’s lure,
    along tempting roads for the immature
    down addiction’s highway to naive street,
    where taboos glitter like candied sweets
    enticing the lost to the devil’s door,
    where victims get tagged as Satan’s whores,
    stained with stigmas from unfair blame
    when lonely kids are new to the game

    Child-like blush still sunshine fresh,
    purified kindness, my virgin flesh,
    fragile fragments as vulnerable dove
    given in faith for promised love
    Deceived by charm’s seductive greed,
    used as ornament on your sleeve
    as you cruelly drained my spirit dry,
    unable to conjure integrity’s pride
    from bowels of your tainted trust
    From the depths of your dirty lust
    you stole from me for jealousy’s joy
    my spiritual passion like I was a toy

    Salvaging light from my shadow’s past,
    answering questions I never asked
    I release the turmoil of trauma’s pain,
    fetching back grace from dignity’s shame,
    retrieving my worth, my self esteem,
    forgiving sins from nightmare’s dream
    Courageously facing my mirror of truth,
    redeeming in full my splintered youth,
    I rescue anguish from my fractured fears,
    the rage from bruises of uncried tears,
    the festered guilts of battered parts,
    and missing beats of my wounded heart
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  9. zoupskim

    zoupskim Contributor Contributor

    Jan 11, 2015
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    One apple.
    Shared. Through deception,
    Sin is born.
  10. davidm

    davidm Senior Member

    Jun 12, 2013
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    We roamed over the rocks
    At dusk, when the sun
    Dipped toward the sea. The rocks
    Sloped toward a beach.
    We followed the path down,
    Where no one else was around,
    And built a fire in the sand,
    At which we warmed our hands.
    The sun sank into the sea
    And the tide rolled in,
    Lapping at our toes. The fire
    Threw up sparks into the night,
    Joining a myriad stars. The diadem
    Of the Milky Way sprawled
    Overhead. It’s cold, I said.
    The fire was guttering.
    She offered me grapes,
    A jug of wine, trail mix,
    Carrots, seafood, a bedlam
    Of viands. We stoked the fire.
    It flared and hissed.
    We huddled in blankets,
    As a full moon rose
    Over Big Sur’s cliffs.
    I’m cold, I repeated. Hold me.
    My teeth chattered.
    The fire guttered.
    Under the blankets,
    We shed our skins,
    Twined our limbs,
    And warmed both of us
    By the fire of coitus.
    Afterward, she curled
    In my arms,
    An erotic nautilus.
    She fell asleep.
    The waves beat.
    Beyond the curve of her
    Shoulder, which rose
    Soft and rounded, moonlike,
    From under the blanket,
    I saw the food basket. Curious,
    I nudged it, and it tipped over.
    An apple rolled out.
    I plucked it up,
    Bit into it,
    And spat out a worm.
    I took off my VR headset,
    And phoned AppleCare.
    My Mac, I reported,
    Is infected with malware.
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