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  1. theoriginalmonsterman

    theoriginalmonsterman Pickle Contest Administrator Contributor

    Dec 3, 2014
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    Past Contest Poetry Contest #311 || Theme: Green

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Dec 4, 2018.

  2. davidm

    davidm Senior Member

    Jun 12, 2013
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    I Thought That I Would Live Forever

    The color of grass, money, apples and envy.
    It is the opposite of red on the painter’s color wheel.
    It is the color of Caribbean seas,
    Of felt, leaves, piss and peas,
    And of my ex-lover’s eyes, serene.

    Its wavelength interval ~ 560–520 nm,
    Its frequency interval ~ 540–580 THz.
    Why the fuck am I writing about green?
    It’s the prompt for this month’s contest.
    Poetry, Isaac Newton said, is ingenious nonsense.

    Bathe me in your sickly vomit.
    To you I write this sonnet.
    Emerald: chromium,
    With trace amounts of vanadium.
    God, I wish I were Canadian!

    Blood shed by a soldier’s valor!
    Melancholy, rife with its torpor. :(
    The Van Gogh sun that I yearn for.

    The color of my “president’s” hair.
    A torrid sexual affair.
    But green?
    A stupid, rotting pear? I’m old. I don’t care. :meh:

    O Green, when I was young I bathed in your grass. It caressed me. I rolled and swam in your emerald seas. Wide-armed, full of wonder, I wandered through your leaves. My lover’s eyes were your seas, my mother’s eyes were as you, serene. As a boy I marveled at picture books of dinosaurs plodding through forests primeval and green. When I was a toddler my mother rocked me in a stroller on the edge of a field and I gazed out, in wide-eyed wonder, at the greensward. Green shoots. When I was young and green, I thought that I would live forever.
  3. Artifacs

    Artifacs Senior Member

    Sep 21, 2018
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    Sunday morning's Gaia's day.
    The kids are playing on our bed.
    How they laugh to shake me awake.
    Come on Dad!, says little snake.

    Julia's smiling at my face:
    Get up, Tiger, we'll be late.
    Grace and John, sure jump again.
    I surrender, for God's sake.

    We all get into the pack
    Which Giants get into the van.
    We drive along making no sound.
    Be quiet, John. No, I won't roar.

    The electric van comes to a stop.
    John is hissing, Grace's a crow.
    Julia is kissing us all.
    She'll always be my recycled love.
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  4. Youssef Salameh

    Youssef Salameh Senior Member

    Oct 11, 2012
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    The Green Space

    Pickaxes and axes spun like wheels of fire by farmers' hands
    their breezes playing melodies of ancient yore
    thus, stars' lights reflected music notations as pearls on the river side
    sea waves roared whispering hope
    their salt drew memories; pearls glowing and murmuring surrender to the creator
    Memories merged in one thought displaying an angel
    an angel saved by the spiritual barrier from material ether
    in the midst of paradise their came a sigh
    for pearls of the sea echoed in the angel's ears; forgiveness
    The beads cried as their jeweled blood flowed carving rivers of eternity
    Gazing at Adam with piercing looks was Eve standing like an arrow in the middle of the heart-like beads
    Then Cupid threw its shadow upon the the beloved
    They lived in the Green forest for centuries through pure love to God
    But the shadow of the serpent overcame by light planted itself in trees
    wove thunderous roads of hell
    Things no mortal can ever survive to tell
    and maelstrom hugging the prophet by heart
    turned in a flash to a boat that had no start
    carried them to the material worlds of ending pits
    where the sigh of the demon and Adam merged in to the call of survival as of bands
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  5. MoWrit

    MoWrit Member

    Dec 23, 2016
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    Sydney, Australia
    A Thousand Messages

    A colour that speaks a thousand messages
    Let it be one of joy
    Or let it be one of hate
    A colour of both nature and poison
    Of both greed and generosity
    One that speaks life but ignores not death
    A colour that speaks reality
    And never disappears

    A colour that speaks a thousand messages
    Abundant in forests
    As a true sign of life
    Scarce in the deserts
    As death’s grip holds by
    A colour of summer, and yet the spring
    Floats away in autumn, returns not in the winter
    But never disappears

    A colour that speaks a thousand messages
    As praised as a sign of life
    By the people who chant
    “Save the planet”
    As held as a sign of greed
    By the people who sit
    In their office chairs
    As it never disappears

    A colour that speaks a thousand messages
    The messages heard by all
    A colour so precious
    Held higher than gold
    Speaks eternally and forevermore
    Speaks of the high and of the low
    A colour whose charm shall never fade
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  6. badgerjelly

    badgerjelly Contributor Contributor

    Aug 10, 2013
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    Medusa The Seducer

    Verdant, lush and enriching
    venomous, slithering and covetous
    nature is Green.

    Climbing, winding and creeping
    limbless, fork-tongued hunter
    nature is Lean.

    Topaz eyes brimming with dread
    succulent fruits for the dead
    nature is Mean.

    Wealthy, stoned and encrusted
    laced in amber dew
    nature makes us Keen.

    Gaze upon statuesque curves
    be in awe of her
    our magnificent Queen.
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