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    Current Contest Poetry Contest #312 || Theme: Silhouette

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Contour Poem

    Silhiloquy, solilouette,
    Now I bow to the awful omen
    Of a bleak, haunted profile poem.
    What if a poem traced, roughly, in
    Profile, the contour of a man’s face?
    Silhouette, Silhouette… Such a lovely,
    Lilting word, Sillllllll … oooooooooooh
    ette. At night, In the full moonlight,
    Did appear his face in profile, all black,
    In the silhouette style, behind the shade
    Of the haunted house. He did not move
    A muscle at all. He just stood tall.
    Watching from afar, through the
    Mists and trees, a sighed breeze,
    Through lace-like cobwebs bearing
    Ancient Halloween spiders, while dew
    Dripped from the barren branches which
    Were like blackened nerve endings, we kids
    Prayed that he would move, but he never did.
    How terrifying his immobile blackness was,
    With his hairless head as barren as the
    Branches, and his awful, hooked nose!
    And his lipless mouth did not close.
    It seems that in this old house, many
    Years earlier, a man murdered his wife.
    In punishment, was it said — cold sweat!
    God made the man into his own silhouette.
    One moonlit night, on a silly bet,
    Billy, one if us, broke into the old house,
    And was never seen again. However, on
    Nights when the moon is full, now two
    Profiles appear: one big and one small,
    Side by side, unmoving, they are made
    On that haunted house’s window shade.
    OK, here’s the twist.
    Trace the right edge
    Of this. (I never said
    That I was an artist!)
    I suppose the image
    May vary, if your
    Browser is hairy.
    Or it might be the case
    That you lack the right typeface.
    But if all goes well for the beholder,
    You should see an eye, a nose, an open
    Mouth, even an Adam’s apple, as well as
    The contour of the right sloping shoulder!
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    Nov 15, 2013
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    I saw you first as a silhouette

    Stood as you were near the DJ decks

    Blacking out a sharp masculine figure

    Night club lights versus your dark centre

    Your features unknown but the hair showed promise

    Soft ends flickered between turquoise and cerise

    And then, just a beat, and you struck a pose

    A finger point? No, not one of those

    And the only lightning bolt was lodged with me

    Skin all tingly and heart moving rapidly

    Because your famous move was thumbs in pockets

    And your freeze frame set me off like a rocket

    It was seconds, a shutter moment, a click then gone

    You came over, we chatted, and got along

    But you couldn’t get back what you’d lost but didn’t know

    Your outline, your profile, your mystery, your cameo.
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    Nov 15, 2013
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    The puppapee tree

    The silhouette bird and the silhouette dog,

    Flew down from the silhouette tree.

    ‘Is it right,’ said the dog, ‘that for bed and our grog,

    The tree should be charging a fee?’

    ‘No,’ said the bird, ‘it’s certainly not right,

    That the silhouette tree has a price.

    Bearing in mind, for us and our kind,

    The lowliest suite will suffice.’

    So the silhouette dog walked up to the tree,

    And lifted his leg on the trunk.

    ‘That’ll teach you, you big fat bamboo,

    Your overnight charges are bunk.’

    A branch from the tree, snapped and fell free,

    Slapping the dog on the head.

    ‘If you want to stay here, you’ll pay for your beer,

    And tonight you sleep in the shed!’

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