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    Nov 8, 2006
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    Posting a successful thread

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by zerobytes, Dec 2, 2006.

    I wanted to create a thread where people could offer ideas of how to post a "successful" thread. By successful I mean that it encourages other members to read the thread and respond to it. Here are some of the ideas I have come up with:

    For posting written work
    1. Make sure you have a good title for your piece and then use the title of the piece as the title of the thread.
    2. Make it clear and concise. Shorter pieces (like poetry) get a lot more crits because people can read and respond quickly. Long posts are fine but don't expect a lot of critiques.
    3. Edit your work before you post it. I find that I'm turned off to pieces that have obvious spelling errors and poor grammar.
    4. Update your work after recieving reviews. This shows the people who have reviewed your work that you are interested in the piece and you value their review. Don't expect others to be more interested in the progress of your work than you are.

    For posting community threads
    1. Talk about something you're interested in.
    2. Pose questions.
    3. Controversy will get you a lot of hits and a lot of replies.
    4. Friendly games and personal info posts are always popular.

    I'm really not the pro on this (which is why I am posting this question and honestly seeking answers) since 2 of the three short stories I have posted here have recieved no reviews (except an encouraging PM - thanks PencilJockey). Any ideas?

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    Good point! Frustrating

    good point.

    i'm starting to lurk here to see if i can get more responses to what i put up. baen doesn't like longer post-ers (though i admit i put up way too much). i'm hoping shorter + more active site will work better.

    of course, now it dawns on me the title of my piece looks really bad on a thread title---RPGs, but my story is NOT about rpg gaming! does anybody know how to edit a title for a thread (i can edit content.)?

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    The parts of your soul you refuse to recognize.
    Edit > Go Advanced, presuming you started the thread, it should right up at the top-underneath the reasoning for editing.

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