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    Posting major revisions, best way to go about this?

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Cinders, Jan 19, 2010.

    I've had this problem before. If I have a major revision to a previous post, I really don't want to add it to the thread at the bottom, when it is actually chapter 1 of the story. But if I erase the first post and re-insert it, the comments look way off.

    Make a new post with "Revision" in the title? What do you guys do here?
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    Please post all revisions and additions for the same piece of writing at the end of the same thread. The critiquing process is intenbded to be transparent to everyone who takes part or even reads the thread afterward. Also, if you edit the piece of writing in place, responses made to the original version no longer make sense.

    Please do not start a new thread either.
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    The revision process, as Cogito has pointed out is one of the most important points of interest to any author.

    Think of your thread as a running dialogue on the piece of work in question. It gives a chronological history of your process as a writer.

    If you want to be sure that new reviews are addressed to a revision in thread and no longer the original post, you can simply add a blip at the beginning of the original post directing the prospective reviewer to the newest revision of the story in question.


    Please note that I have posted a revision to this story within this thread. If you are interested in reviewing my piece (and I hope you are), please go to reply post #11 to see my latest efforts on this story.

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