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    Preference of Perspective

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by ObsidianVale, Jul 28, 2009.

    Ok so i have written the frist chapter of my story recently and it's in 3rd person narrative. I have been very happy with this until i read a story recently and it was in 1st person narrative and i liked it. I liked what it did for the story. So now im thinking of rewriting the first chapter in 1st person POV.

    so my question is which do you prefer? what do you find are the Pro's and Con's to using 1st or 3rd person narrative.
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    I enjoy stories written in both, but I do love a good first person. My favorite novel is written in first person, but my next favorite is written in third person.

    I don't like present tense, though.
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    First person perspective is less flexible than third person, and requires more expertise to do well. It's only advantage is that it locks the POV to that one perspective in both obhective and subjective ways. You can also do that with third person, but revising subjective observations may seem more natural in first person. This makes it a frequent choice for mysteries, in which the protagonist revises his or her view of the overall picture based on the accumulation of clues.

    However, in most cases third person is a more flexible POV. You can more naturally detach it to other third person POVs in the story to view the scenes from different perspectives than with first person. Third person can be every bit as intimate as first person, focusing in even on the thoughts of the current POV character.

    I would recommend sticking with third person unless you have a strong, specific reason for locking youirself into a first person POV.

    Multiple first person POVs in the same story are usually a bad idea, although I have seen successful and effectivce use of two first person POVs.

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