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    Prepare to be boarded... or suffer the consequenses

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by natalieburwell, Aug 29, 2007.

    All right, now that I have your attention; my name is Natalie. I actually prefer writing fantasy, but I didn't think that writing "look, a fairy is going to shoot you with moon dust, duck!" would really do the trick.

    So far, it has only been me and my characters doing our writing. Our latest story, however, has proven to be a bit of a challenge as none of us have much experience with the action involved.

    I have finally figured out that my character, Tess, should be: an action heroine. Usually the characters tell me what they are or we figure it out together. Tess is so brand new that she isn't fully developed enough to help me with her character yet, so I have been asking the other characters for help. They are all fantasy and sci-fi people... Tess is purely action, even though there will most likely be some fantasy or sci-fi in there somewhere.

    I don't play video games, which is why I think I feel so lost. I have see the Lara Croft movies and Underworld; I even have a sketchy plot worked out... but it all seems a bit unbalanced. Tess is a very spitfire girl and I can see her being an action heroine very well. So much so that of all things I have come up with for her character, that would be what I would keep.

    Everything else about it is foreign to me, though. I don't usually get stuck with stories because I have my characters there to guide me... should I develop her character more before I try to work on the plot?

    Anyway, most of my "about me" information lies with my characters. I am who I am because of them; they have shaped my life and I know that I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. That is why I write... because I wouldn't be happy doing anything else.

    I haven't been published... yet. My characters and I are working on that. I have a lot of novels in the works, some of them being close to finishing; but I work on them as a series, not as a single novel because I am confident in my writing and will work with it as far as it has to go to get the entire series published. I write what my characters want me to write, not what I want to write; so if it's a series, then it's a series... and I don't object.

    I hope that I can make some friends here. I don't have any friends that are writers... just characters, lol.

    You have been boarded by your fellow writer and her characters... See? It wasn't that bad, was it? :p

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    Welcome to the Writing forums, Natalie. I'm anthraxx and am happy to learn that you are quite friendly. Don't worry, I do pretty much the same thing, so I hope we cna be friends with Tess ;)

    Here's a basic welcome from all of us. It shoudl be obvious, but incase it isn't, let me explain. The Writing Problems Area is exclusively where opinions on different ways to write, blockages in writing styles and similar problems can be discussed. In the Review Rom, you can get critical appreciation and/or analysis of your written material. Behold, you must first review two pieces of writing before postign your own. This is ensure the pieces are evaluated to the most. Other than this, we have Writing Cotnests, weekly and monthly, where you can submit your writing. We also have Word games, Book Discussion and so on, classified under Community interaction. It may interest you if you're just hanging around.

    adamant has been kind enoguh to put many of the things I have mentioned or missed out on in one comprehensive place. If you want to check it out, see the Newbie Packets:
    Noobie Packets! - Writing Forums

    Enjoy it here, and don't feel shy to ask for help. We are all here to teach and learn in a mutual environment. And we hope you can do the same.

    Regards and Best Wishes!
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    What a lovely intro! And whilst fantasy isn't my genre there are plenty of talented members from whom you can learn and grow. Should you have any questions for us please don't hesitate - see you around the site and have fun! The pair of you!
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    Hello Natalie, Welcome to the Writing Forums.

    If you haven't explored the site yet, you should probably do so soon. Newcomers often gravitate to the Lounge, the Word Games, or the Review Room, but there is much more to be discovered if you poke in the corners.

    As for the Review Room, new joiners often wonder why we do things a bit differently on this site than on other writing sites. We emphasize reviewing as a critical writing skill. Training your eye by reviewing other people's work helps you improve your own writing even before you present it for others to see. Therefore, we ask members to review other people's writing before posting work of their own. The Review Room on this site, therefore, is a true workshop, not just a bulletin board for displaying your work. See this post, Why Write Reviews Before Posting My Work? for more information.

    Enjoy your stay here, and have fun!
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    Hello and welcome to WF.org. It is great to have you on board and I do hope that you take the time to take a look at the poetry and short story contests and join in. I run them so if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to send a pm my way.
    Well look forward to seeing you around the board.

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    Well a BIG welcome to you from me and i hope you enjoy being here with us on WF.org will see you around the forum from time to time i'd say

    shadow tiger x
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    a place known only to those as dark as i
    happy belated welcome
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    Welcome To WF.

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    Hey there! Another belated welcome but here it goes anyways...

    Welcome to the forums! Hope you settle in ok and that you find what you're looking for here, if you have any questions or anything just PM me and i'd be happy to help. Look forward to seeing you around.

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