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  1. Tenderiser

    Tenderiser Not a man Contest Administrator Contributor

    Aug 12, 2015
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    London, UK

    Prompts for Upcoming Contests (June - November)

    Discussion in 'Bi-Weekly Short Story Contest' started by Tenderiser, Sep 14, 2016.

    Here you can find prompts for upcoming contests at least three months in advance, so you can take as much writing time as you need. You can enter as many or as few contests as you like. Remember that stories must be 1,200 - 5,000 words long. You'll be able to submit your entries from the 1st to the 14th of each month (e.g. 1-14 November for the November contest).

    The thread is locked to avoid confusion, as the opening post will be changing on a regular basis. If you have any concerns about the prompts, please PM me. And don't forget you can suggest the prompts you want to see here.


    Prompt Option 1:

    Prompt Option 2: "Why is there blood on your shoes?" (Thanks to @Spencer1990)


    Prompt Option 1: A character gets a bang on the head during a Medieval re-enactment, and wakes up thinking it's the dark ages. (Thanks to @Mumble Bee)

    Prompt Option 2: Don't turn your back on things you don't understand. (Thanks to @izzybot)


    Prompt Option 1: Five people get into an elevator. When it makes its next stop, only one remains. (Thanks to @RichieMarcus)

    Prompt Option 2:


    September - Open Contest

    You don't have to use a prompt--give us the best your imagination has got. Voters will be reminded not to take use (or lack of) of a prompt into consideration.

    For those who prefer to work with a prompt: "If found, do not open." (Thanks to @Lea`Brooks)


    Prompt Option 1:


    Prompt Option 2: Sneezing triggered my time traveling, and I was allergic to cats... (Thanks to @TheWriteWitch)


    Prompt Option 1:


    Prompt Option 2: This story, headline 3-Billion-Year-Old 'Lost Continent' Lurking Under African Island. You can change any details that you want - the story doesn't have to be true to the facts! Thanks to @Robert Musil
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