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    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by El902, Dec 3, 2008.

    I say again (I'm always so worried about not putting something in the right place) if this isn't the right category for this thread, I apologize.

    Anywhoo, in another thread someone was asking for something and someone posted short little prompts for help (I know, I'm so informative); one of them was "a boy in a room". Thus came Annabel, the short story I posted in Short Stories. The point of that little story though, wasn't to bore you. It is that there should be a place where one can come for random inspiration, whether it be for an entire novel, or a small scene.

    This isn't a place, however, for one-word posts. No "adultery" or "pedophilia" or "murderer". Similarly, try not to give things like "Man kills wife's sister" unless there's something not mundane included in the post. I'll start :)

    a. Your main character witnesses her neighbor physically abusing her small child.
    b. A supporting character is seen wearing next to nothing, a block or two away from a strip club.

    As common courtesy, let whomever posted a prompt you wrote know that you're using it. It makes us all feel better to know we contributed to your writing.

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    i listed the three 'assignments' i use for mentee lessons in a post recently, one of which was 'a boy alone in a room'...

    the other two are 'a city in ruins' and 'a couple having an argument'... the assignment is to write a single descriptive paragraph for each... and i use it for aspiring writers who have a hard time wording effective imagery...

    i'm not sure what your aim is here... if it's not for 'plot creation' it may need to be moved... you can ask a mod to do so, if necessary...
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    I think 902 is asking for triggers that could develope into a plot. I really like the one you gave 902. I lot of plot ideas flooded my mind when I read them.

    Here is one based on a dream that I am going to turn into a short story.

    MC is eating lunch at a restaurant that is located on the top of a building. While eating he sees a girl walk to the edge of the building, and she steps over the guard rail and jumps to her death. Then he sees ten more people get up and do the same thing.


    MC saves a guy from drowning. Then she remembers that she saw him somewhere. Where was it? She saw him on America's Most Wanted. That was it.
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