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    Quckest way to copyright

    Discussion in 'Traditional Publishing' started by StacyW, Oct 25, 2016.

    Hello, Sorry for the typo in the title lol...

    May I ask a question. I have tried to get this answered and everybody only seems to comment on what's wrong with the question which undoubtedly is amateurish but I just would like it answered please.

    Say there is a true life story and there is just one obvious title for the story that lots of writers would pick up on.

    What is the quickest way to copyright something I don't mean " the moment you put it down it is copyrighted" or "you cant copyright a title" I know that.

    What I mean is the copyright proof. Is a treatment the fastest way copyright something with the copyright office to get some breathing room to write your book? Has anyone done that?

    Can I copyright what I have already which is about 20 chapters with about 3 pages in each, the synopsis, the outline. Then come back a rework and keep doing that until complete?

    BTW the true life story is about me.

    Thank You

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    You'll probably get fewer of the "it's copyrighted as soon as it's written down" answers if you change your question to the quickest way to register copyright.

    And you'll get a better answer if you remember that registering copyright is a legal process and therefore changes from jurisdiction to jurisdiction--you don't say where you live, so it's hard to know what jurisdiction you're in.

    I'm going to guess you're American.

    So look at http://copyright.gov/prereg/ about pre-registering unfinished work. Of course, when you get there you'll read that "For the vast majority of works, preregistration is not useful", but I sense you don't want to be told that.
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