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    Query for Picture Book

    Discussion in 'Query & Cover Letter Critique' started by Kwills79, Nov 14, 2017.

    I am providing the first two paragraphs of my query for my PB, Squeak Feels Weak. I have omitted the bio paragraph because for now I want to focus on 'hooking' the agents--if I can't get them past the first paragraph or two, the bio will be irrelevant anyway, right? Thanks in advance for your respectful feedback!

    SQUEAK FEELS WEAK is a misleading title. In this 800+ word, rhyming picture book, Sarah O’Hara (whose nickname is Squeak) has a big secret…she’s terrified of going to the doctor! When she finally discloses her fears to her parents and best friend Bubbles, they spring into action to devise a plan. But will it work? Squeak isn’t sure… Along the way, and despite many gurgles and groans from her aching stomach, Squeak discovers that she already has the power to squash her fears, and that she feels anything but weak. A story of fear, friendship, and empowerment.

    What better way to provide hope in a scary world, than to teach our children to find their voice and their strength within? This humorous picture book for children ages 6-8 will not only amuse children, but will provide adults and children alike with real tools for helping kids overcome their fear of the doctor’s office. A cross between the Llama Llama series and Ladybug Girl, this versatile book differs from similar books by sneaking in evidence-based tools and tips to help children deal with difficult situations. You will find the full manuscript pasted below. I look forward to hearing from you and can be found at the contact information listed below.

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