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    Query letter format?

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by Mckk, Jul 14, 2012.

    So I've been researching about query letters - while tips and samples abound there's one thing I cannot find: formatting.... :rolleyes:

    What is the standard font size, font style, and layout in general? (line spacing, margins)

    Am trying to make it fit into 1 page - and I managed but I had to expand my margins a little. It's in Calibri, size 12 with 1.15 line spacing currently.

    I've just finished my rewrite that I'm giving it a break before I go back with an edit and polish but in the meantime I have writer's itch and have nothing to write, so I was playing around writing my query.
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    times new roman 12pt is standard for a business letter and that's what a query is... should be single-spaced and not more than a single page... margins can be 1-1.5" all around, depending on how much text there is...

    structure is usually 3 paragraphs... first to say why you're querying that agent in particular, giving the title, genre, and rounded-off word count... middle one is the summary and last should included relevant paid credits if you have any [if not, say nothing] and offer to send sample chapters or full ms, closing with a polite 'thank you' for considering your work...

    there are many diverging opinions on how to structure a query letter, but this one is the simplest, has worked for many writers over the past decades... that said, you must always follow each agent's own guidelines, if specifics differ from this...

    googling for query tips/samples will give you all kinds of other options, but the only thing that really matters is to be sure it's well-written, with not a single mistake in grammar, etc. and has a compelling summary of your book that will make the agent want to see more...

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