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    Quoux and tomfoolery - Joint Weekly Poetry Contest (234) Winners!

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Apr 25, 2013.

    Nocturnes by the Sea
    By Quoux

    Notice the wind's whispering wail,
    Or the soothing shift of the sea.
    Could another curious creature exist
    To have delivered such a mighty, shattering, midnight melody?
    Unknown to the night's
    Revolution to day,
    Never would it have thought that a creature might stay
    Ever so often though it may,
    Singing by the shore's melodic sway.

    Because birds bid goodnight
    Yonder sea t'would it tell.

    Testing the tide with it's toe,
    hoping to hide in the sky when it's low,
    Ever so softly singing its song.

    See, you never would notice at night walking along
    Every single small, simplistic, detail of
    A soft sight of nocturnes by the sea.

    Every Morning After Watching the World Burn
    By tomfoolery

    Every morning after watching the world burn
    when the smoke still trickles out of the cracks in the pavement
    and a faint trail of embers still lingers on the sunless streets,
    I hop in the shower and try to wash the soot
    from my fingertips, try to rinse the resin from my hair.
    I change into clothes that still smell like smoke and
    drink a cup of coffee that tastes like coals going down.
    Ashes fill the sky, falling from charred palm trees and
    landing on the waveless ocean, now reduced to
    a sort of teal color that blends with the clouds
    and smudges the horizon line into and endless mass of
    rolling smoke, and off-color blue.
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    Congratulations fellas! These are some wonderful poems!
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