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    rainyman- Weekly Poetry Contest (115) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Jun 6, 2010.

    A Prayer for Death
    By rainyman

    When time is near to reckon with death I pray
    it be at the close of spring. With a blush of summer
    promised, the air is soft, and filled with a new
    awakening of life demanded and growth promised.

    As my time draws near, I pray I will remember summer
    showers, the thunder tumbling across the sky. I pray my eyes
    still see the cascades of color as all life stirs, exploding in the
    the wonder of a soft summer’s morning.

    Age is a robber of the physical. Age is demanding. Relentless. Consuming.
    A thief of life, age steals vitality, then strength, and mocks in the taking.
    My bones have been sent to a brittle destiny. My hearing left to muted memory.
    I pray age grants me sight and smell. So precious these gifts if left intact.

    On my final day, I pray my eyes feast on the colors of God’s pallet. I pray
    the greens and yellows soothe me, that I fear not leaving this life behind.
    I pray the reds and golds, purples and crimsons ease my burden and lift my spirit.
    I pray, as I draw a last breath, I will be cleansed and grow in God’s love and forgiveness.
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