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    Discussion in 'Role Play Discussion' started by Ratchel, Mar 7, 2022.

    Here is where I'll hunt for role plays~ I would like to play the characters in my book, and you're encouraged to do the same! I'm hoping that I can find a couple one on one partners and we can maybe meld our two worlds together? That way we're both getting good, specific practice - if you want! If you just want a good play, I'm here for that, too~

    My book is science fiction with a touch of fantasy. There are actually two distinct worlds, and we could play in one or both. The first world is very high-tech and realistic, set in our world maybe two or three hundred years out. The second world is six different galaxies all with their own set of planets, etc. The general idea is that Earth is a simulation called Mirage, and humans are on a 24/7 feed for the creator universe's entertainment. The creator universe is not inherently evil, though there is evil within it; the simulation is comparable to us watching TV. A big plotline is that they don't quite understand that humans have full consciousness.

    I won't get into much else here so I don't scare anyone away, but send me a message if you're interested.

    I'll be updating this post all the time!

    CREATOR UNIVERSE CHARACTERS (just names, working on profile sheets)
    Harper Catarâvus: main scientist attempting to uncover the truth about Mirage
    Vaiko Carnerulea: a secondary scientist working with Harper
    Portia Haüviridis: side character, Harper's coworker
    Nirav Datopiceus: side character, Harper's coworker
    Boren Haüyuber: head of Mirage, villain

    Nolan Ezri: main protagonist, schizophrenic
    Persephone Charpiceus: anti-hero, family dies in tragic accident, bent on revenge

    Wild West steampunk
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    What are we constantly searching for lol, is this still active?

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