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    Reading to Write: Looking for Recommended Books

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Indigo Abbie, Oct 3, 2019.

    To preface this, I lost my passion for reading about five years ago in my freshman year but I’ve aspired to be a writer almost all my life. I’ve stuck to spoken word for about three years, but I want to really get into story writing instead of forever giving up just out of the brainstorming phase. Also the "Hey, I wrote two whole paragraphs" phase is a bad note to end on but I digress.
    I’ve been hooked on one evolving story idea for months. Before this, I had about four hundred extra words typed out explaining my plot but I decided to spare you all upon realizing a brief list is likely all I need to convey the traits of my story. Basically, I’m looking for books or online works, possibly under the urban or contemporary fantasy sub-genres, which include any of the following characteristics…

    * Is based in the modern world while incorporating Greek mythology

    * Deals with immortal or powerful characters in the modern world

    * Showcases in depth character relations between immortals or powerful beings

    * Examines immortals or god-like beings dealing with existentialism or religious paradox

    * Showcases in depth character relations between characters who may seem toxic for one another or like total opposites but ultimately reconcile due to their even stronger similarities or by developing deeper understanding for the other

    If this brings any titles to your mind, feel free to post the name below. If it's not too much of a bother, perhaps include a slight summary in your own words or personal review telling me why you'd recommend it. Thanks!
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    If you don't mind YA, go read Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series. (Modern world/Greek mythology, immortal/powerful characters in real world)

    If you want a bit more adult, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files has the immortal/powerful characters mixed in to the real world and relationships
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    What crime fiction books do you recommend? My dream is to be a writer and I want to be isnpired.

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